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If you decide to develop an app, pay attention to specific points that are crucial for your app’s success: name, description, and screenshots.

Every day more and more apps come to the Google Play and Apple’s App Store. To become competitive you should pay attention to the product definition. The customers should be able to find your app quickly and it has to have the right name and to look appropriatly enough to catch the attention and be downloaded.

The name should have keywords, and you can write up to 25 characters in the name of the app.

Description: It shouldn’t exceed 225 characters. Use keywords here (but don’t overdo it!). Remember to tell the users clearly how the app will help them. Describe in details, over which main characteristics and functions the app possesses but there is no need to mention technical details.

If your app has already existed for some time and you’re updating it, mention the new features, special achievements or bug-fixing.

The look of screenshots provides additional information about your app.

Let’s consider the name and the description more precisely.

What options must have the app name


Sometimes when you look through new apps and read their names you don’t understand what they need for. So there appears no interest to download them. The first conclusion is: don’t invent an incomprehensible name. It would be better to name the app after its goal.

Both Apple Store and Google shorten the app names and both of them change these options often:

  • Google Play: 28-30 symbols;

  • iOS App Store: recommends up to 23 characters but allows to 255.

There are many competitors in the market so create the name which is easy to remember and stands out among many similar apps.

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What should be the app description


If you were a user, what would be interesting for you to find? How long would you be looking at the separate app in the store? What would your eye capture at once?

  • You shouldn’t use more than 255 characters. This text appears if the user taps on the button “more”. If this text doesn’t motivate users to read further, the whole job on the app creation was in vain.

  • Mention the review and awards, if they are present. If the review about the app was made by some journal, use it as an additional motivation for users.

    • Start with an attention-grabbing sentence and tell the users why your app is so great. It should solve some problem, entertain a user or make his life more comfortable.

    • If there are no reviews from journals, include a review written by a regular user.

  • The body text should consist of 2-3 paragraphs. You don’t need to write an essay, so you should make short and simple sentences provoking to do something (download and enjoy reading; forget spending too much money for …, etc.)

    • Firstly you should write the most interesting and fascinating things about your app, and the details follow. Remember, that people can flip through new apps standing in the queue, sitting in the car, so they don’t have much time for reading long sentences.

    • Don’t write the same sentence repeatedly, because it’ll bother users.


  • The descriptions have to be short;

  • Write the most important ones in the upper lines and in the line at the end. Usually, people don’t read much in the centre of the text, they read upper and lower lines but overlook the centre.

  • Of course, there are many apps with so many functions, but please don’t waste users’ time to count all of them. Write down only those differing your app from similar apps. There must be one killer feature: your competitive advantage or positioning of your app on the market. Mention also the core functions: in what way is your app different from the others?

  • If the app offers hotel booking, inform the users about it in the first lines of your Android or IOS app description and take care that people understand the main app goal from the app name. Focus on the specific features and mention what problems are solved for the user.

  • If your app saves money in some way, write about it.

  • If there is a premium content, let the users find out about it after downloading the app.

  • Mention “What’s new?”. Tell about the changes, updates, and bug-fixing at the end of the app.

Screenshots and their description

Sometimes people are tend to create screenshots try to show everything that the app can do. But remember the main goal: After looking through screenshots the user has to want to download the app. That’s why the clearest, the most interesting and informative screenshots have to be chosen. You may choose up to 5 screenshots. The first screenshot has to tell about the core feature. Other screenshots have to show the workflow. But the process in the screenshots isn’t clear at first sight, make textual descriptions.

These descriptions have to:

  1. Be short and clear. The users won’t read 5 lines of the text.

  2. Mention the most important features of the app.

  3. Provide readable characters’ size.

  4. The background and the text should contrast, not merge.

There are some successful apps and their correct moves concerning name and description.

Let’s take a look over app description examples of Blablacar and Skyscanner.



You can compare other popular apps with your written app in the similar way. Ask yourself: why has this mobile app become so popular? Look how they created their descriptions and what features they highlighted.

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To create a successful app, you should pay attention to some important points: name, description, and screenshots. Remember that there is very much supply on the app market for now and the users become picky. For your app to provoke interest of many users, create a name associated with the main function of the app. Invent such a description which describes the killer feature and core features in clear and simple words. Screenshots have to serve the main goal and give the impression that this app is really interesting, simple and useful. Sometimes you need to make textual descriptions.

All the descriptions have to be short! No ambiguous phrases, no jargon, and no cliche. The background and the text of screenshots should contrast, not merge.

Look at the very successful applications in the Google and Apple Store and think why they achieved their success. You may take some ideas from them but don’t overdo it! If you are ready to get your app created, you are welcome to contact our skilled developers!