Illustration Top 6 reasons to develop a web app using Angular in 2018

Top 6 reasons to develop a web app using Angular in 2018

Nowadays the world of information technologies is developing as quickly as never before. Every user has his particular interests and needs. Many organisations try to please all wishes of the users and gain as many customers as it’s possible. Developing a functioning and well-designed e-commerce web app is crucial for your success, but to do so you first should find an experienced development team.

The developers can choose from many tools and they are offered a big choice of web application platforms. That’s why the web development team encounters one difficult choice - choice of a platform. Surely you have thought of which one would fit your requests and user’s needs.

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Angular is an open source framework built on JavaScript which helps you with fast developing of a dynamic web app, where you can increase the HTML vocabulary. This framework is mostly used by Google, Sony PS3, and YouTube web application platform. It helps you to make web app development easily and quickly.

Let’s talk about benefits from choosing Angular for your web app


1. Doesn’t require to write much code.

If you start developing your web app using Angular you will be pleased with its extensive feature set which allows you to decrease the time of code writing. Thanks to MVC architecture, it’s more simple than other frameworks. In addition to it, if your team is working in tandem with another one, both of you can control the system.

2. Configurable with help of directives

Another advantage of this framework is that it uses HTML and it makes possible the usage of directives that helps the developers to work with better efficiency. Besides, you can save time after making customized tags and reusing them for the code readability.

3. Maintenance of the core development team and support of the Angular community

Angular is maintained by its core development team which is interested in improving this framework so they let contributors commit some minor upgrades and fixes. As a result, the big worldwide community and Angular-around events help developers be in touch with each other and find the answers they need.

4. Simplifies web app creating with MVC architecture

As it was mentioned above, Angular uses MVC architecture. It allows to divide data, and view, while the remaining part is on Angular. So that both single page applications can be developed and XMLHttpRequest and JSONP requests from communicating with remote HTTP servers can be used. It simplifies web app creating and saves your time.

5. Functionality and flexibility with help of modules

Angular is using the modular technique. If you want to improve your web app’s functionality and flexibility, you can split the app into modules. These modules can hinge upon each other or not. That provides a better app’s architecture and fastens a workflow, too.

6. Simplification of the testing

Let’s talk about the testing phase of your application now. You can simplify the testing of the web app using Angular. When you put parts of the apps into framework modules, you can manipulate them simply. So, when the web app is built with Angular it’s linked by dependency injection and that means that the sample data can be injected into the component and the result is measured while testing.

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As you can see there are many advantages of developing your web app using Angular. But finding the talented and experienced development team which can not only work with Angular but take into account users’ and clients’ needs is a difficult task. It’s important for us that our clients succeed and we do our best for it.

Our company has already developed a lot of successful web apps based on Angular. Please contact us if you want to build an efficacious and beautiful web application.

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