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Firebase App Development

Develop better mobile and web apps to scale your business.


Why we use Firebase

Firebase is a unified framework with a lot of Google features included. It helps businesses to create apps with the real-time database, cloud storage and cloud messaging providing less time and cost investments. There is no need to configure your own server as Firebase takes care of everything automatically.

  • Build Apps Fast
    Concentrate on user needs and create apps rapidly getting the best Firebase features like databases, storage, hosting, authentication, analytics and many others.
  • Trusted by Top Vendors
    Firebase allows getting access to Google infrastructure that has auto scaling features and support even the most popular and largest apps.
  • Products That Work Together
    Firebase features can work individually for your project, but really shine when implemented together. Sharing data and analytics make between Firebase components make them closely integrated and ideal to be used in conjunction.

Firebase supported platforms

Firebase web apps allow real-time database connection, plural users can view the information changes when the data gets constructed or edited.

  • Realtime Database
    Cloud database to keep and sync data rapidly.
  • Crash Reporting
    Receive information about bugs, set priorities to fix them fast.
  • Authentication
    Add user authentication system easily.
  • Cloud Storage
    Store and manage content at globally scaled storage.
  • Android Test Lab
    Run the app on virtual and real devices hosted by Google
  • App Indexing
    Enhance search ranking and forward search traffic to your app.
  • Cloud Functions
    Use event-driven backend without managing your hosting servers.
  • Cloud Messaging
    Send messages to any device reliably and efficiently.
  • Performance Monitoring
    Get details of performance tracing for your app.
  • Predictions
    Use machine learning to collect user groups dynamically for customized user experience.
  • Remote Config
    Implement customized appearance and behavior of your app on the fly.
  • Cloud Firestore
    Use global noSQL database to synchronize and store data with global scalability.
  • AdWords
    Engage your users for better ads conversion using Google Analytics details.
  • Hosting
    Securely deliver content and assets for your progressive web app with high speed.
  • Dynamic Links
    Use smart URLs that allow transition users seamlessly from mobile site to native apps and open content in the right context.
  • Google Analytics
    Capture key events for your app and receive free analytics reports.
  • Invites
    Add referrals solutions and custom invites to share your app.
  • AdMob
    Integrate in-app ads to increase your revenue.

Partners who are already build with cloud firestore

Firebase app developers love working with the service because they have access to a real-time database that was adjusted and scaled for them by Google.

  • CNN
  • Home Away
  • Quinto Andar
  • Hawkin Dynamics
  • Maestro
  • Guesswork
  • GoldieLab Innovation
  • PushTable


Do you have an idea for your next project? Not sure what tech stack or business model to choose? Share your thoughts and our team will assist you in any inquiry.