Build Cross-Platform Hybrid Mobile Applications with Ionic

Ionic mobile app development makes it possible to create one application for Android, iOS, and Windows. Ionic is an open-source SDK and it is considered as the best hybrid app framework. Build your next digital solution with Ionic and 2muchcoffee.


What You Should Know About Ionic

  • Free & Open Source
    Ionic is a free and open-source project that was developed and frequently gets improved by a large community worldwide.
  • Native Capabilities
    Mobile app development with Ionic empowers products with native features like GPS, camera, health kit, etc. to enrich the digital experience and create a native app functionality.
  • Focus on Web technologies
    Ionic developers can build progressive web apps and hybrid mobile applications using standard web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • First-class documentation
    The framework keeps extending due to the active contribution of its community. Updated guides and component demos help easily build interactive products.

Reasons to Choose Ionic For Your App

The framework helps to deliver a seamless user experience with mobile, desktop and web apps. There are a few more reasons why Ionic is a perfect choice for your business.
  • Cost-effective solution
    Save tons of time and money hiring an Ionic developer who can substitute the separate teams for iOS app, Android app, website app and desktop app development.
  • Performance-based
    Building on top of Angular, Ionic ensures robust and flexible app performance on the latest mobile device. Apps made with Ionic deliver excellent user experience, too.
  • A single source code across various platforms
    Ionic allows building user interfaces with one source code. The framework uses programming languages that can be easily converted from one operating system to another.
  • No room for errors
    Ionic View enables developers and clients to follow and test every component while building an app. This is a great way to indicate any bugs and perfect the results.
  • Result oriented
    Since you can build progressive web apps and native mobile apps for every major app store, you can reach your target audience faster and keep growing the customer base and profits.

Ionic App Development Services

Looking to hire a mobile developer? As an Ionic app development company, we offer a range of services, including UI/UX design and consulting for apps created with Ionic.
  • Cross-platform mobile development using Ionic
  • Progressive Web Apps development
  • Ionic hybrid mobile app development from scratch
  • Ionic apps 3rd party integration
  • Ionic hybrid mobile app migration
  • Ionic app source code review services
  • QA and testing services for Ionic-based applications
  • Ionic app support and maintenance

Why Hire 2muchcoffee Ionic Developers Team?

Our goal is your mobile app success and that’s how we do it:
  • Professional team
    Our dedicated Ionic developers have all the expertise to handle complex mobile app development. Regardless of project requirements, we are ready to create a profitable solution for your mobile business.
  • Agile development
    Clear communication and frequent updates as a guarantee of building robust products. Agile software development helps to reduce risks and create a transparent approach to project delivery.
  • 24/7 support
    After the final launch, we continue to provide support to make sure that everything works according to the business plan. Our IT consulting focus on scaling the app according to the market trends.
  • White label development
    We respect the confidentiality of our clients and their willingness to have legal ownership over software products. That’s why our apps come with white labels allowing our clients to rebrand the products.
  • Flexible business models
    Whether you are SMB, SME, or Large Enterprise, we offer different engagement models for your convenience, like Time and Materials or Fixed Price.

Kick-started Projects With Ionic Framework

Ionic for mobile app development is an indicator of mind-blowing performance, native and web optimization, and user-friendly design. Our recent projects created with Ionic:

Companies That Built Apps With Ionic Framework

You’re in a good company. Check out a sample list of applications that were made with the Ionic framework.
  • NASA logo
    NASA - The application includes a huge collection of NASA content, so the users can get access to the latest news and mission information, images, videos, podcasts, tweets and features stories.
  • MarketWatch logo
    MarketWatch - An investment monitoring app where users can check various stock prices, read a personalized news feed and articles on investment, and receive alerts on different stock movements.
  • Smithsonian logo
    Smithsonian - A digital mobile guide helps users to explore science, history and pop culture by planning a visit to museums, listen to podcasts, watch videos, use AR to enjoy the tour collections, and get access to libraries and archives.
  • EA logo
    EA - A mobile video game application allows users to play for free regardless of time and location. There is a huge collection of video games including Star Wars, The Sims Mobile, FIFA Mobile and others.
  • Diesel logo
    Diesel - An activity tracking app where users can track their daily activity, count the numbers of times they exercise or drink water, set personal goals and notifications to stay motivated.
  • Target logo
    Target - Online shopping app gives access to various deals, birthday gifts and special offers. Users can use flexible ordering options and online promotions to enrich their mobile shopping experience.
  • Cat logo
    Cat - Equipment management app helps users to track the location and the condition of their equipment, order service and parts and increase utilization. The app provides real-time access to data and insights.


Do you have an idea for your next project? Not sure what tech stack or business model to choose? Share your thoughts and our team will assist you in any inquiry.