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Ionic app development

Ionic Framework is a popular open source framework for building incredible mobile apps. Create native or progressive web application without extra efforts.


Make applications with Ionic hybrid web tech

It helps ionic framework developers work with multi-platform applications, bringing an exclusive feel to the volume of hybrid apps.

  • Open Source Based & Free
    Ionic has powerful open source community behind it. It is distributed under MIT license which means it’s 100% free for your projects.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
    Create one codebase to every major mobile platform. Publish your progressive web or native mobile applications in app stores with ease.
  • Native Plugins Support
    Add native device features to your app with the help of Cordova/PhoneGap plugins and TypeScript extensions. Get access to fingerprint scanner, bluetooth or health monitoring with no extra effort.
  • Extensive Documentation
    Every step of building mobile app is illustrated with manuals, howto’s, demo and code examples. Nothing can be better to start with your mobile app.

Write code once and run it everywhere

Ionic framework turns running once codebase on all major mobile platforms into reality. Your apps will feel at home on every device.

  • Mind-Blowing Performance
    Speed and response time are always important, especially for mobile devices. Ionic is designed to perform fast, utilize hardware acceleration and be friendly for touch-optimized interface. You will be amazed how effective it is.
  • Native & Web Optimization
    Use native mobile UI elements and dev kits to combine the UI standards with the freedom and might of the open web technologies. Ionic provides choice flexibility to deploy apps natively or run Progressive Web Applications in any modern browser.
  • Beautiful & Stylish
    Functional and beautiful, simple and effective. Ionic provides variety of components, typography and themes adoptable for each platform.

Companies who use Ionic framework

Hybrid Ionics mobile apps build with CSS, HTML5, and Sass Web technologies and distributed through iOS and Android application stores.

  • Nasa
  • MarketWatch
  • Smithsonian
  • EA
  • Diesel
  • Target
  • Cat