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Developing the Swedish App Store №1 Fitness App

Stepler is a step tracker app to motivate people around the world to stay fit regardless of the free time. Our team developed an app that works as a trigger to take care of your health and wellness while purchasing real products to treat yourself. Stepler is the best step tracker app in Sweden according to the App Store ranking.

Project Description

Our client was looking for a team to develop a step tracker. The initial idea was to create an alternative to the gym card, something to carry out in the pocket and use whenever the user can.
The app had to be simple and elegant yet with powerful and robust performance. Since the business is expected to grow in the future, it was crucial to build a scalable product, something that could be achieved due to clear architecture and modern backend technologies.
Our team provided cross-platform mobile development (iOS, Android) services to build a fitness app. The full cycle development included business analysis, mobile design, software development, QA, and support after the final release.

Сhallenges the App Presented

  • Problem:
    Storage of the huge data of step records
    Modern technologies and clear architecture based on the React Native, NodeJS, NestJS, GraphQL allow to store a huge amount of step data and work with the data
  • Problem:
    Invite friends
    The feature of inviting friends was achieved thanks to Firebase’s dynamic links. A user can send existing links to his/her social network to any location. A potential user can follow the link and start using the fitness app with no-time.
  • Problem:
    Steps synchronization speed
    The application synchronizes all the taken steps. We have developed an effective system for storing steps in the database, an algorithm for their synchronization, and also conducted several performance tests. Due to the Google Fit / Apple Health integration, users can synchronize any steps in the app form a number of devices that support integration with Google Fit / Apple Health.
  • Problem:
    Anti-cheat checks
    The logic of operations is crucial for every step counter app. Thus, the app shouldn't count the steps that are intersected and should recognize that step two follows after step one. That is why, checks for anti-cheat regulate the step counting process, so there could be implemented the ban on the self-entered steps in Health-Fit.
  • Problem:
    Orders management
    Since the app allows users to exchange points into the real products, the high-quality order management systems are a must-have feature. To achieve maximum results and convenience in managing orders the Zendesk ticket system was integrated into the mobile app.

What does the Stepler app do?

Stepler is a mobile app that is specifically designed to motivate users to follow a healthy lifestyle. Lack of time, motivation, and money are the main reasons why people give up on staying fit and visit the gym. As a solution, the app tracks taken steps and converts them into points. Users can exchange their earned points into real goods/services from the wide in-app selection.

UX/UI design

We used a research-driven approach to design a product. Our UX design includes user research, information architecture, and flowcharts. Our designers followed the best practices of UI design to create a powerful yet elegant app.
  • Homepage
    The user dashboard includes all the information about daily progress. The app has an onboarding procedure explaining how the app works. The app navigates you through the main functionality.
  • History
    Journals with details about points transactions. The user can see the list of his activity and the number of points that have already been converted from the taken steps.
  • Refer
    The user can get additional points for inviting friends or family members. Initiate step challenges among your friends. It’s a fun yet healthy activity for everyone.
  • Offers
    Instead of usual discounts, the user gets the real products/services. The list of offers that users can get for their earned points includes local and international brands.

Development and Technologies

Clean code and intuitive design were achieved due to React Native for front end and NodeJS, Nest.js, GraphQL, MongoDB for backend development. The mobile app was integrated with various systems for user-friendly and powerful performance. For example, we used the Zendesk ticket system for order management.
Thanks to the integration with Apple Health/Google Fit, the app reads user step data. The app synchronizes all steps from the first sign in. In case the app was deleted at some point, the step data will continue to be synchronized until the present moment. Due to modern tech solutions, Stepler can store and manage enormous data of step records in such a way that a user can quickly work with them. As a result, Stepler is the best step tracker app that takes care of user health and well-being.
  • React
  • NodeJS
  • Nest.js
  • GraphQL
  • MongoDB
  • Zendesk


The Stepler was developed as a pedometer and step counter app for people to motivate staying healthy and fit. We focused on making the app intuitive and memorable yet simple. We cared about the smallest details to make their clients’ lives easier.
The app is #1 Fitness App in the Swedish App Store. Currently available only in Sweden, the app is expected to expand to Europe and the USA fitness market in a couple of years.


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Co-founder & CEO

The app has received positive feedback from users. 2muchcoffee leverages their strong work ethic and technical expertise to produce results that meet the needs and requirements of the client. The team develops solutions that engage the client's audience.

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Niklas Frisk photo

Niklas Frisk country flag

Co-founder & CEO

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