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Normative was designed to simplify sustainability reporting with automated calculations


Normative is the very first software capable of assessing a company’s social and environmental sustainability. Using artificial intelligence combined with the world’s largest online database, Normative will calculate the company's sustainability index. You will get automated calculations, advanced visual analytics, detailed reports and get recommendations to achieve sustainable development goals. Easy sustainability reporting for creating a sustainable society of the future!
System Dashboard


We did the configuration of the entire frontend stack using Angular, Typescript, RxJS while for the back end we use NodeJS. Specifically, such a tech stack allows the Normative team to upgrade the app to different versions later on. Plus, NGXS made it possible to make functionality and logic more transparent.
  • Angular
  • RxJs
  • Typescript
  • Sketch
  • NGXS
  • Express
  • NodeJS
AuthorizationCSV ParsingDocument ParsingDocument ValidationInfo ChartsLocalizationOrganization ManagementTable CreationUser Management


The consultancy assistance from our side as well as mutual cooperation with the Normative team allowed to create a massive tool for sustainable development. We provided the Normative team with feedback on the code review, improved overall user experience and introduced new features, such as:
  • Document Parsing
  • Document Validation
  • Table Creation
  • Info Charts
  • Localization
  • Authorization System
  • CSV/XLS Parsing
  • User Management
  • Organization Management


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