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We helped Station become a product hunt’s SaaS product of the year

As a top software development company, we are highly skilled to build complex SaaS focused platforms, like Station which allows you to work with multiple web apps in one single interface.


Station is the first native app that aims to boost working efficiency. It makes it simpler to use various applications on your web browser. The platform aggregates all of the user work apps within a single interface. As a result, the app helps to save tons of time while managing both work and personal applications.
  • Smart dock to stay organized

    Forget the time when you lost in tabs. The app automatically arranges the pages by application to make your workspace clean and neat.
    Smart Dock
  • Focus mode to get stuff done

    Minimize the distraction by choosing when and which application will send you notifications. Stay productive while doing the best of your work.
    Focus Mode
  • Multi-account to reduce any hassle

    Sign in the process takes so much useful time, doesn't it? Use multi-account features to log into multiple accounts with no-time and effort.
  • Quick switch for multitasking activity

    Context-switching pain will fade away with Station. Any to-do list, document, or conversation is easy to search across your applications just with a few clicks.
    Multitasking Activity
  • Use Auto Sleep mode

    Don’t get distracted with messages and notifications while you’re sleeping. The application’s auto sleep is a great energy-saving effect, too.
    Auto Sleep Mode


including G Suite, Slack, Asana, Trello, etc.
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Station team came to us with a very specific request. Since their product scaled rapidly, they wanted to improve both the frontend and backend sides. Moreover, the team was looking for software developers with strong technical expertise in Typescript, GraphQL, React, Node.js to work on the tech-specific part of the codebase.


We use the Agile software development approach to build a transparent communication and task implementation flow. The scope of our work included:
  • Code review
    It was essential to ensure a native desktop experience. That is why a high-quality codebase was the first step to achieve. We did a secure source code review to be sure that the code was bug-free and nothing could affect the app’s work in the future. Moreover, our team improved the existing frontend codebase.
  • Cashing GraphQL queries
    For backend tasks, we changed the database structure. We switched from the default Redux store to GraphQL cashing. So it allows reducing the interaction with custom data structures and uses advanced features like Optimistic response. Plus, this decision helps to lower server load which positively affects the overall app performance.
  • Data migration
    To assure quick and easy organization processes between all user applications, we used Airtable. The service allows organizing anything and it works like a spreadsheet while offering the full power of a database. As a result, the data was migrated to Airtable to make the process of working with multiple applications smooth.
  • Frontend refactoring
    The team entirely changed the client’s routing system - from the custom solution to React router (v5) with HashRouter. Along with that decision, we refactored the existing frontend architecture so the performance issues could be reduced.
  • Better UX and Complete redesign
    As part of the user experience optimization, we had to be sure about high product usability. We also had to make sure that the visual representation of the app corresponds with the business logic. We improved UX with switching to GraphQL cache since it decreased the server load time and significantly increased performance. Moreover, based on the best practices of UI app design our team created a new layout for the app and did a full redesign.
  • Adding new functionality
    The functionality of this app went far beyond the scope of a basic software management tool. So, we had to include customized features to build a meaningful experience. We decided to add correct applications’ search functionality, infinite scroll, and edit/delete custom apps.
  • Technical optimization
    We did not forget about the technical optimization of the app. We improved Google Lighthouse metrics which lead to a higher ranking on the search results and boost Station app visibility.


The combination of React for front end and Node.js for backend allow developing innovative user-focused SaaS platforms for web apps. We used PostgreSQL management system to design and implement the complex app logic while following UI/UX principles for user convenience.
  • React
  • NodeJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • GraphQL
  • Election.js
  • Storybook


Since the Station was already an existing digital product we pay careful attention to all the details to recognize the pain points of our client and provide top IT consultations and services. 2muchcoffee software development process based on the simple premise - transparent communication and mutual cooperation between the web developers and a client, which helps us to achieve great results with the Station project.
The Station was designed to allow working with multiple web apps in one single interface. That is why we focused on making technical optimization and providing a better user experience.
As a result, the initial goal was achieved: the Station app provides high usability and seamless performance. Moreover, after the revamp that the team did, the conversion rates were significantly increased in the app store.
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Co-founder & CTO

Users commented that the revamped app was richer in features and more user-friendly. The solution would also be a lot easier to scale in the future thanks to the well-written code. Collaborative and diligent, 2muchcoffee took the time to understand the core business goals, which informed the work.

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Alexandre Lacgèze photo

Alexandre Lacgèze country flag

Co-founder & CTO


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