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Music Marketplace

Our team went above and beyond for this project, created for delivering vivid emotions .the service helps users to find and book talants according to their requests. The app include various genres of music for different type of events.

Project description

The app was created to help kids to develop key literacy skills and cultivate their love for reading. Our client was looking for a team to create a user-friendly and feature-rich web admin panel and mobile app from scratch. The crucial element was a high-level proficiency in developing complex projects using the modern tech stack.
We were excited to develop an e-learning app that would be able to combine engaging design, powerful tech, and a strong pedagogical approach to build an effective learning experience.

UX/UI Design

We’ve conducted specific research in order to highlight strong sides and needs of users. The design consisted of several stages and was tested by our professionalists.
  • Create event
    Create event option
    Due to this function, after you answer some questions, our service will help you find the right musician for your type of event and your preferences.
  • Discover new
    Browse through talents lists, search for musicians by genre, rating, location or availability. Look through charts to find people whose music you enjoy.
  • Examine all details
    Examine all details
    Have ability to find out more in-depth information of the band or singer performers. And subsequently contact and book them for upcoming activity.
  • Book and cooperate
    Use in-app booking to directly invite a talented musician to entertain your guests. Find a like-minded person to organize your band or just a backup singer for one gig. No more booking agencies needed.


  • Secure in-app payments

    Booking process was made easy and secure. It implements robust support of industry-level encryption and security standards.
  • Unlimited online streaming

    Feature of allowing listening to music on various devices from desktops to tablets and mobile phones. No limits to experience the app.
  • Auto-generated news feed

    Custom algorithms to generate the news feed tailor-made for each user. Reflects your player’s history, location, events and etc.
  • Genre and artists filters

    Finding the song or musician you like was never that easy. Various intuitive filters allow receiving the most granularly defined results you can imagine.
  • In-app messaging

    Relish the full potential of messaging and notifications center. Supports file sharing, user actions, push notifications and everything you would like to receive from a messenger.


2muchcoffee offers expertise in web and mobile application development for startups and big enterprises. We are proud of our projects since each of them is a unique story and solution!

Swedish App Store №1 Fitness App

Maintain a healthy lifestyle with no-time and money.
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Our client was looking to motivate people to stay fit regardless of the tight schedule. We provided a full cycle development of the mobile app where users can track taken steps and convert them into real goods. Among the best walking apps, Stepler works as a trigger to take care of your health. Based on App Store ranking, Stepler is a top mobile app in Sweden.
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Product Hunt's - SaaS Product of the Year

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Station is a SaaS focused platform for working with web applications (supports 600+ apps). It aims to boost your productivity at the workplace while saving tons of your time. As an app and web development company, we are highly skilled to build complex and user-friendly apps, such as Station. It's a Product Hunt project of the year and Y Combinator alumni.
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Leading System of Sustainability

Solution to the fast transition to sustainable society.
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The Normative team wanted to respond to the current environmental challenges. They aimed to help businesses to achieve SDGs using automated calculations and in-depth analytics. We used the best practices of AngularJS web development to create a custom software solution.
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US K-12 Educational Literacy App

Reinvent the learning experience for kids.
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Our team developed a tool to transform the kid’s educational experience into practical knowledge. An e-learning reading application is a commercial product under the NDA and suitable for in and out of class learning.
education literacy app image


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