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Angular Web & Mobile Development

2muchcoffee is an Angular and AngularJS web development company focused on full stack JS technologies. We provide consistent Angular development services for small, medium and large companies.


Cross Platform Compatible

With Angular Opensource Framework you have a chance to build beautiful and efficacious web application. TypeScript, Components, Services, Dependency Injection - help you make real cross-platform apps, that works on any form factor, device and operating system.

  • Progressive Web Apps
    Take the best from modern web platform to provide app-like features and capabilities. Use app offline, enjoy impressive performance without installation step.
  • Desktop Oriented Apps
    Build desktop apps for all desktop operating systems using the same techniques used for the web. Get access to native Windows, Mac and Linux APIs.
  • Native Apps
    Choose the framework you need to create native mobile applications: Ionic, React Native and NativeScript.

Performance and Response Time

Our Team works on optimization for developing highly responsive interfaces that increases response time input and rendering speed.

  • Code Optimization
    Angular generates code optimized for up-to-date JavaScript engines. Use the power of a framework to write the code you want.
  • Universal Rendering
    User server side rendering for the first view of your app on node.js, .NET or PHP. Deliver instant access for your users and make your app SEO friendly.
  • Code Splitting
    Utilize new Component Router to split the code of your app and allow users to load only what they requested and render it blazingly fast.

Productivity and Tools

Angular core team works with JS world and gives us extensive libraries and framework. It helps finishing projects on time with best results.

  • Templates
    Construct UI quickly using powerful syntax for the templates.
  • IDEs
    Most of the popular code editors and IDEs support Angular code highlighting and completion, errors validation and other integrated features.
  • Angular CLI
    Create, build and deploy directly from the command line.

Full development story

The development process becomes fast and easy. 2muchcoffee company also works as Angular and AngularJS consultants.

  • Testing
    Using Karma test runner and Protractor framework you can add and run unit and end-to-end test. You can know if something went wrong on each time you save.
  • Animation
    Add beautiful and complex animated elements through Angular’s API. Very simple and intuitive with less code you can ever imagine.
  • Accessibility
    Create accessible applications with ARIA-enabled components, developer guides, and built-in a11y test infrastructure.

Deployment ready

Next-generation JavaScript framework helps to build ecommerce web apps, entertainment and news websites.

  • Tesla
  • Prize
  • DZone
  • GettyImages
  • Sony
  • Microsoft
  • Priceline
  • Topcoder