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We realize your ideas

That’s not the secret, the project fully depends on the team who works on it. 2muchcoffee is obsessed with Angular here. We develop custom solutions for niche target enterprises and help your business to expand.

Clients from all over the world

Over 20 clients from all over the world have trusted us to put their ideas on web rails. Sweden, USA, UK, Germany and that’s not the full list.
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Our values

Clean code meeting the style guides, the proper balance between development quality and speed, non-stop self-development of all team members are the main principles 2muchcoffee team is grounded on.
  • Perfection-Focused Work

    Our key to excellence is our desire to create the best products we can think of. The irresistible obsession to succeed and to realize our full potential is what makes our team. We never stop halfway.
  • Knowledge Exchange

    Knowledge is what necessary to create IT products. We have no limitations for knowledge sharing inside the team. The members of our team are active participants in open source community and are open to learn new technologies and present them to others.
  • People Over Process

    We are sure talented people can produce better results and seek tech enthusiasts who enjoy what they are doing. We are team players and reach success by letting people do what they like using slight organizational guidance.
  • Trustful Relationships

    To be consistent in our work strong relations with our clients are necessary. It’s not possible to create the best apps without listening and trusting each other. We never keep silent when we see problems or know better solutions from which our clients will benefit.

Who we are

We think that every idea is worth spreading - it just needs a special approach and the right people to take care of it.
  • Dmytro M., Occupied position: CEO / CTO
    CEO / CTO
    Dmytro Melnychenko
  • Dmytro K., Occupied position: Head of Business Development
    Head of Business Development
    Dmytro Kuchuhurnyi
  • Kateryna S., Occupied position: Head of Product Development
    Head of Product Development
    Kateryna Snisarchuk
  • Oleksandr T., Occupied position: Head of React / React Native Development
    Head of React / React Native Development
    Oleksandr Tkachenko
  • Anton M., Occupied position: Head of Ionic Development
    Head of Ionic Development
    Anton Myerkin
  • Serhii Y., Occupied position: Head of Angular Development
    Head of Angular Development
    Serhii Yermakov

Our partners

We are proud to collaborate with following industry leaders.

You can be in our team

We are constantly looking for new team members and will welcome you who have passion in IT and would like to showcase and improve your skills.
  • Agile schedule

    Flexible system of holidays and working hours. We appreciate time of our team members and customers , pay attention to every process and details without harming personal life’s quality.
  • Pleasant environment

    We provide you with own comfortable workplace, but not limiting you from taking a seat in any corner of the office. You have permanent acess to all snacks, drinks, PS, table soccer and etc.
  • Reliable team

    Each person in the agency is extremely valuable and respected professional, dedicated to deliver sucess and result to every project. We’re cohesive by common intention of making digital experience better and easier.
  • Financial growth

    Not a secret that one of the main motivations to enhance skills at your job position is intention to earn more money. In 2muchcoffee we don’t put salary frames ,encouraging you to develop and obtain new knowledge.
  • Wellness benefits

    We care about everyone in our team wishing them to be in the best shape and health condition. Healthcare programs, medical insurance and other advantages are offered to you to choose.
  • Entertaining time

    Nevertheless severe approach to our work, as all human beings we like to have fun as well. So we always conduct unforgettable birthday parties and other holidays.


Do you have an idea for your next project? Not sure what tech stack or business model to choose? Share your thoughts and our team will assist you in any inquiry.