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Hybrid Mobile App Development
which works on any device
Hybrid Mobile App Development

We integrate native app user experience with custom solutions of hybrid mobile application development. As a result, you get one mobile app that works on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

Hybrid App Means Working Everywhere

Hybrid apps are natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. From the inside, it’s the one code with minor changes that can be run on different platforms.

Your code
A highly portable code based on modern frontend technologies that can run smoothly on various platforms and reach a wide-ranging audience.
Get the progressive web app to run perfectly on the desktop or laptop screens.
Applications that are easily scaled to tablets independent of the operating system.
Apply mobile device-specific features on various platforms using the single stable stack of technologies.
Applications can be published in Apple App Store so users can install it from mobile devices directly.
Run all over Android devices as a native app with full access to all the Android API features.
Build apps compatible with a rich Windows ecosystem without the overhead of Microsoft specific technologies.
Provide users with what they like, so it will be possible to run apps on macOS devices.

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Our Approach to Hybrid App Development

At 2muchcoffee we use Ionic and React Native to build hybrid mobile apps since these technologies provide two different possibilities of mobile app development.
The Ionic framework suggests wrapping web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) into a native container to build hybrid apps. React Native allows code to compile into a native one depending on the platform and use native components of each platform (Android, iOS) without the special container. In both cases, the hybrid mobile app enables high-performance results and native functionality on multiple devices.

Advantages Of Hybrid Mobile App Development

  • Easier to scale

    Hybrid apps are built on top of the underlying framework which allows running them on every platform where that framework is available and pushes continuous updates suitable for the enterprise.
  • Apps able to run offline

    Apps stay available offline or with very limited network access to provide uninterrupted user experience without any performance issues.
  • Written with web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript)

    It is possible to provide real-time testing, instant previews, and also review modifications as they are implemented.
  • Engaging UI/UX design

    Both iOS and Android have different interfaces that usually build separately. Hybrid mobile apps offer custom design and seamless UX on every device so there is no need for separate UI/UX.
  • You save time and money

    Unlike native, hybrid mobile development cuts the cost and time of product development since you don’t have to spend additional resources to build mobile, web, and desktop compiled apps separately.
  • Cross-platform affinity

    Hybrid means a unified approach to software app development and hassle-free integration across various platforms and devices.
  • Access to device features / native APIs

    The app has full device native API access, which helps to benefit from the range of native mobile features like GPS, push notifications, camera, contacts.
  • One codebase

    One source code can simplify business logic a lot. The reusable code can be run across multiple platforms following the best practices of native-like products.

You’re In A Good Company
With Your Hybrid App

Modern cross-platform technology makes hybrid mobile development a top choice among leading brands. Companies hugely benefit from the hybrid app universality that conveys across a number of platforms, gadgets, businesses, and can reach a wider audience.

Hybrid App Development Framework

We use the most popular hybrid mobile frameworks to build high-performing and scalable hybrid mobile applications for Android and iOS. The code can be reused for a progressive web app and regular desktop applications.

Our Hybrid Mobile Development Services

We offer a full package of web and mobile app development services from the idea to the final release. Our software engineers are highly skilled in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML and have a profound knowledge of the leading hybrid mobile frameworks. As a result, we build robust, feature-packed, and secure applications of any complexity.
  • Ionic app development

    The Ionic framework operates within the native container and leverages the device’s browser engine (but not the browser) to render locally. Web technologies as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript are used to build the app.
  • React Native app development

    To achieve native feature experience, the React Native framework provides JS wrappers for native components and complies with native code that works without the additional container layer.
  • Mobile app intuitive design

    The mobile-optimized business has to follow the best practices of UI/UX design. We help to create a user-centric and engaging design that resonates with your brand identity.
  • Data migration

    We will optimize the existing mobile app, add new functionality, and migrate data to hybrid frameworks to enable your mobile app to constantly evolve according to business trends.
  • Secure source code review

    A high-quality source code is a basis for a robust mobile application. Our team will review the code line-by-line to reveal hidden defects and improve the overall quality of the code.
  • Support and maintenance

    We provide support and IT consulting services after the product release to guarantee that the business goals are met and customers are satisfied with the app quality.


2muchcoffee offers expertise in web and mobile application development for startups and big enterprises. We are proud of our projects since each of them is a unique story and solution!

Swedish App Store №1 Fitness App

Maintain a healthy lifestyle with no-time and money.
  • Fitness
  • Mobile App
  • 🇸🇪   Sweden
Our client was looking to motivate people to stay fit regardless of the tight schedule. We provided a full cycle development of the mobile app where users can track taken steps and convert them into real goods. Among the best walking apps, Stepler works as a trigger to take care of your health. Based on App Store ranking, Stepler is a top mobile app in Sweden.
App StoreGoogle Play Store
fitness app image

Product Hunt's - SaaS Product of the Year

Centralize all your apps in one single place.
  • SaaS
  • Web App
  • 🇫🇷   France
Station is a SaaS focused platform for working with web applications (supports 600+ apps). It aims to boost your productivity at the workplace while saving tons of your time. As an app and web development company, we are highly skilled to build complex and user-friendly apps, such as Station. It's a Product Hunt project of the year and Y Combinator alumni.
productivity platform image

Leading System of Sustainability

Solution to the fast transition to sustainable society.
  • Sustainability
  • Web App
  • 🇸🇪   Sweden
The Normative team wanted to respond to the current environmental challenges. They aimed to help businesses to achieve SDGs using automated calculations and in-depth analytics. We used the best practices of AngularJS web development to create a custom software solution.
report system image

US K-12 Educational Literacy App

Reinvent the learning experience for kids.
  • eLearning
  • Web/Mobile App
  • 🇺🇸   USA
Our team developed a tool to transform the kid’s educational experience into practical knowledge. An e-learning reading application is a commercial product under the NDA and suitable for in and out of class learning.
education literacy app image


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