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Code Review Services
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Low-quality code can easily break the application. To avoid memory leaks, failure to add new features, and poor performance, check your app’s code with source code review services provided by 2muchcoffee.

What is code review

The code review service is a complex practice of spotting any mistakes in the programming code while checking it line-by-line. Third-party developers implement reviews to find any code flaws and check the software architecture, so the code can be improved. The aim is to optimize the end-quality of the app’s source code so the product will be maintainable, reliable, and scalable.
It is a common practice to hire developers to review the code outside the circle of devs who initially wrote it. It guarantees the impartiality of the dev team and a high-quality result. Code review as a service significantly accelerates software product development.
Code Review


The source code is a foundation for the software application which will be built on top of it. If the code quality is poor, the app will have memory leaks, bad architecture, failure to add new features, and a long launch process. So, the months of developing and planning would be wasted.
Secure source code review helps to find out hidden defects in the app’s code. The main goal of code review is to detect any bugs at the early stage of the development process and deploy a clear and high-quality code to production.

Cases When You Definitely Need
Source Code Review

Without a clear code, it is impossible to build a reliable product. Source code review is right solution for a few major reasons

Check the quality of the web developer work, if:
  • writing code takes longer than planned
  • there are no adequate comments in the code
  • absence of consistent software documentation
  • there are doubts about security assurance
In the case of changing devs on the project:
  • easy continuation of code writing by the new devs
  • smoothes different approaches of dev team
  • establishes standard coding style on the project
  • saves time on code optimization for new devs

The Source Code Review Process

  • Assessment planning
    During the kick-off meeting with a client, we focus on collecting as much as possible information about the project to understand idea, architecture, design, app’s functionality, business logic and each other details.
  • Scanning the code
    After the client shares the source code files with our devs, we offer a complete or partial review to learn about vulnerabilities and exposures in the whole app. As a result of the analysis, we provide a brief estimation of the timeline and milestones of the online code review service.
  • Manual source code review
    We study the code line-by-line in order to deliver the best results. Our approach is to review the application as a whole to detect any vulnerabilities that potentially could influence the app’s performance or reliability. Our manual review has a strong focus on code formatting, architecture, and design principles.
  • Report Formation
    Once the code is analyzed, we prepare a detailed report with explanations of code problems and our recommendations on how a client can fix them and improve the code.

Looking for a team to do a code review? We’ll be glad to answer all your questions about our source code review services.

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Code Review Checklist

  • Scalability

    Regardless of the new requirements and their complexity, the code has to adapt to changes easily. The scalable code works efficiently under periods of very high usage and unexpected load. Moreover, app scalability is tightly connected to the SOLID principle and how the codebase follows it.
  • Architecture Principles

    There is information about the solution architecture, like what modules were included and what architecture patterns were used. The dev team checks if the code follows the precise architecture and whether the solution code is clean.
  • Code Quality Review

    Includes the categorization of all code issues. The detailed description consists of recommendations about which issues are urgent to fix and whether the code should be simplified and optimized.
  • Code Maintenance

    If the configuration is high-coded, the code relies on the old version, and it is strongly connected to another system that means that code won’t be able to maintain and change in the future.
  • Tests Review

    Analyzing unit tests, code coverage, and tests’ overall quality. Tests should be readable, maintainable, and adhere to established patterns. So, it’s crucial to check the failure conditions and the speed of execution.
  • Security

    Sometimes code is written without thinking of security measures. Such code may introduce certain vulnerable cracks in the system. During the code review, the dev thinks of how to make the full use of the code to prevent stealing data and getting unwanted access to the system.
  • UI Review

    It’s crucial to know how UI is used from the code review perspective. Every platform has its own style guidelines, so dev implements solutions on how to follow these styles. In other cases, it can lead to a problem with publishing apps to a specific store.


Secure code review services enable to deliver defect-free and well-documented software. The other advantages include
  • Saves time and money

    At the stage of QA testing, fixing bugs will take twice as long since the app is fully developed. So, the earlier a bug is founded the cheaper and faster it will be to fix it.
  • Easy adding new features to the app

    When the source code problems are fixed, adding new features to the app will be easy. So, the product will be able to expand its functionality and adjust to the latest market trends.
  • Ensuring strong performance

    Code review service is all about reaching the high tech quality which guarantees the optimized exchange between frontend and backend, scalability and app security.
  • Fast inclusion of the new developers

    For new devs on the project, it is essential to know all code nuances. Often devs spend loads of time learning about the code rather than writing it. Code review service helps to reduce the time for the inclusion of new developers.
  • Compliance to coding standards

    The review establishes a specific and unified coding style. Following coding standards help to produce more structured documentations which are easy to follow.
  • Knowledge sharing

    The devs within the team learn from each other and get a better insight of the programming code. This is extremely important if new developers joined a project.


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