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Transform your kid’s educational experience into practical knowledge with a learn-to-read app.


The application we’ve created is an education app designed to develop early child literacy skills. Powerful tech, engaging design, and a strong pedagogical approach will build an effective learning experience. The app is suitable for both self-educated students and students in the classroom. The gamification element of the exact app favors even the very young students while the intuitive design will be appreciated by technophobes.
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The division of user roles can encourage meaningful engagement. Student effectively meets the learning goals while collecting points and completing levels. For Teacher the app will help assess the educational effectiveness of the EdTech tool. The Parent has a unique opportunity to monitor the academic success of the child.
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Classrooms allow to monitor students' progress and create flexible groupings. Children can be put together depending on the class or subject. The list of students along with their academic performance provides teachers with academic data for reports that will guide educational programs and educational psychology.
Application Classroom Creation


A profile shows the progress of the kid. The tasks and exercises are determined by different assessments. The assessment system tests students’ fluency, phonetics and reading comprehension. Gamification in education process is the killer-feature of this app - while playing, a student improves his literacy skills.
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We provided full cycle development from the discovery phase to web development. The scope of the project included product specs, project management, and UI/UX design. To make web app scalable and intuitive we used the best practices of Angular for frontend development and Nest.js + GraphQL + MongoDB for backend development.


Learn to read app stack includes Angular and Ionic for frontend and NestJS, GraphQL, MongoDB for the backend. Angular best practices developed by our team allowed to build an app with efficient code structure and truly native user interface experience.
  • Angular
  • Nest.js
  • Ionic
  • GraphQL
  • MongoDB


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