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Developing US K-12 Educational Literacy App

Our team developed a tool to transform the kid’s educational experience into practical knowledge. An e-learning reading application is a commercial product under the NDA and suitable for in and out of class learning.

A Story Behind The Project

The app was created to help kids to develop key literacy skills and cultivate their love for reading. Our client was looking for a team to create a user-friendly and feature-rich web admin panel and mobile app from scratch. The crucial element was a high-level proficiency in developing complex projects using the modern tech stack.
We were excited to develop an e-learning app that would be able to combine engaging design, powerful tech, and a strong pedagogical approach to build an effective learning experience.

Project Summary

The educational app we developed helps to put the power of technology into practice. The element of gamification aims to motivate young students to complete certain levels in a game while learning.
We focused on the following tasks to enable meaningful experience:
  • Testing children to determine their reading level
  • A wide range of exercise types to cover the main aim of the app
  • COPPA compliance to protect kids’ privacy online
  • High usability and seamless performance at the center of design
  • Interactive gamification elements and animations to motivate learners
  • Passing exams based on the results of the completed course
  • The design centers on reading comprehension, fluency, phonetics, and vocabulary
  • COPPA significantly influenced the development process of the app. The logic of the app meets the main requirements of COPPA which impose certain rules on collecting and operating personal information online from a child under 13 years of age.
  • The app enables teachers to teach in the classroom having a wide range of educational content within the platform. Moreover, if you’re a parent and want your child to continue learning outside the class, the app provides you with such an option. So, e-learning reading app is suitable for both self-educated students and students in the class.

Main features

Leverage the power of online reading and literacy app:
  • Asses the kid’s level of reading
  • Easily share content with students
  • Create instructions to students needs
  • Weekly reports to parents
  • Word puzzles, audio exercises reinforce spelling
  • Kids interact with the app at their own pace
  • Monitor students activity and kid’s academic success
  • Animations that motivate sight recognition of words in an interactive way

UX/UI Design

We adhere to the research-driven approach and apply the best practices of UI/UX design to develop an educational app.
  • User Roles
    The app has three user roles: Student, Teacher, Parent with different accesses. The Student collects points and completes levels while meets the learning goals. For Teacher, the app will help test kid’s literacy level, issue assignments, monitor the learning process, and prepare reports on the student progress. The Parent has a unique opportunity to check the academic success of the child.
  • Classrooms
    Depending on the class, children can be put together into flexible groupings. Classrooms help teachers to monitor the learning process and issue assignments. The list of students along with their academic performance allows teachers to create reports on class progress that will frame educational programs.
  • Student profile
    A profile shows the overall progress of the kid's academic success. Gamification in the app help students play and learn at the same time. The list of tasks and exercises followed by the level of completion tests students’ fluency, phonetics, and reading comprehension.

Development and Technologies

We provided full cycle development from the product discovery phase to QA testing and support. The scope of the project included product specs, project management, UI/UX design, web and mobile app development. To make the educational literacy app scalable and intuitive we used the best practices of Angular and Ionic for frontend development and Nest.js, GraphQL, MongoDB for backend development.
  • Angular
  • Ionic
  • Nest.js
  • GraphQL
  • MongoDB


This e-Learning reading application was developed as a tool for kids to get key literacy skills. Our team focused on making the app engaging with eye-catching style yet simple to use. Our approach was to understand user problems and define precise solutions to achieve meaningful educational experience.


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Co-founder & CEO

Internal stakeholders are pleased with the UX/UI and functionality of the final product. Excellent communication and consistent professionalism were hallmarks of this partnership. Customers can expect a dedicated, innovative partner that will meet every requirement.

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Lindsay Scholtes photo

Lindsay Scholtes country flag

Co-founder & CEO


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