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Mobile App and Web Development for Startups

We specialize in custom app development for startups. A high-quality digital product requires a lot of knowledge and time. So, whether you’re a startup founder or a startup accelerator, we offer you to outsource software development to an expert-level team. Our goal is to help businesses to embody smart ideas into extraordinary and innovative web and mobile apps.


How it works: startup development stages

We offer a complete suite of software development services for startups: from web design to project release and maintenance. As a startup tech partner, we help to identify killer features and create a product development strategy. Here is what we’ll do to transform your idea into a custom app:
  • Discovery Phase
    2-6 weeks
    • ∙ Product market research
    • ∙ Establishing product features
    • ∙ Design/wireframes prototyping
    • ∙ Building technical documentations
    • ∙ Project estimation and schedule development
  • MVP Development and Design
    6+ weeks
    • ∙ The final concept of design
    • ∙ Agile software development
    • ∙ Software engineering
    • ∙ QA software testing
    • ∙ Minor product changes according to business goals
  • Market Validation and Testing
    4+ weeks
    • ∙ Closed internal testing (UAT)
    • ∙ Fixes based on the user feedback
    • ∙ Open beta testing
    • ∙ Store presence development (Google Play / AppStore)
    • ∙ Public release
  • Support and Development
    • ∙ New features elaboration
    • ∙ Maintenance
  • Discovery Phase

    Discovery Phase

    Business analysts and managers start with the challenge you wish to address and work through the analysis of your business competitors, target audience and project objectives. Our UI/UX designers prototype your product, deliver a user experience and user flow that will meet your business goals. Market research before the product launch is a crucial step to frame the perfect strategy for your business.

  • MVP Development and Design

    MVP Development and Design

    To test your product as soon as possible we launch an MVP with only basic features. At this stage, web design and development is very crucial so that at further stages of architecture or scaling, there will be no need to waste time on refactoring and starting the process from scratch. MVP allows collecting customer feedback with a minimum investment and effort.

  • Market validation and Testing

    Market validation and Testing

    Our QA team provides OnDemand QA software testing services to guarantee the high quality of the source code. After internal testing with the focus group in mind, we improve the functionality of the app and move to the next stage of testing - open beta to collect new results. Finally, we build adaptive and scalable software architecture that is ready for public release.

  • Support and development

    Support and development

    Startups are always evolving, therefore, support from our side will be a guarantee of continued development and growth of your business. Agile software development enables clients to receive results after every iteration while the Scrum process grants you more control over the project’s state. So, the client is fully involved with the new product development process.


2muchcoffee offers expertise in web and mobile application development for startups and big enterprises. We are proud of our projects since each of them is a unique story and solution!
  • Product Hunt - SaaS Product of the Year


    Product Hunt - SaaS Product of the Year

    Centralize all your apps in one single place.
    • SaaS
    • Web App
    • France
    Station is a SaaS focused platform for working with web applications (supports 600+ apps). It aims to boost your productivity at the workplace while saving tons of your time. As an app and web development company, we are highly skilled to build complex and user-friendly apps, such as Station. It's a Product Hunt project of the year and Y Combinator alumni.
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  • Swedish App Store №1 Fitness App


    Swedish App Store №1 Fitness App

    Maintain a healthy lifestyle with no-time and money.
    • Fitness
    • Mobile App
    • Sweden
    Our client was looking to motivate people to stay fit regardless of the tight schedule. We provided a full cycle development of the mobile app where users can track taken steps and convert them into real goods. Among the best walking apps, Stepler works as a trigger to take care of your health. Based on App Store ranking, Stepler is a top mobile app in Sweden.
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  • Leading System of Sustainability Reporting


    Leading System of Sustainability Reporting

    Solution to the fast transition to sustainable society.
    • Sustainability
    • Web App
    • Sweden
    The Normative team wanted to respond to the current environmental challenges. They aimed to help businesses to achieve SDGs using automated calculations and in-depth analytics. We used the best practices of AngularJS web development to create a custom software solution.
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We work with startups of any stage

As a software development company for startups, we work with different startup funding stages and offer flexible engagement models for our clients including Hourly Rate and Fixed Price.
  • Bootstrapped
    At this stage, the startup is all about exploring its potential and frame the idea into a product/service strategy. Market testing is a key and basis for the potential development of marketing plans and business strategy.
  • Business-angels
    Some of our clients received angel funding to determine its final product release. The aim is to develop a product for the specific market.
  • Startup accelerators
    Startup product development transformed into a working business model. The team is working on implementing new features and scaling the app in order to respond to market trends.
  • Venture capitals
    The process of growing and meeting multiple customer demands. At this stage, the app continues to scale up and begin to outlive the competitors.


Trusted by the best in their industries.
  • Adam Egesa photo

    Adam Egesa country flag

    CEO & CTO

    2muchcoffee provides top-notch development work and expert advice that please end-users needs. The team is transparent about progress, communicative, and committed to deadlines.

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    Adam Egesa photo

    Adam Egesa country flag

    CEO & CTO
  • Niklas Frisk photo

    Niklas Frisk country flag

    Co-founder & CEO

    The app has received positive feedback from users. 2muchcoffee leverages their strong work ethic and technical expertise to produce results that meet the needs and requirements of the client. The team develops solutions that engage the client's audience.

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    Niklas Frisk photo

    Niklas Frisk country flag

    Co-founder & CEO
  • Lindsay Scholtes photo

    Lindsay Scholtes country flag

    Co-founder & CEO

    Internal stakeholders are pleased with the UX/UI and functionality of the final product. Excellent communication and consistent professionalism were hallmarks of this partnership. Customers can expect a dedicated, innovative partner that will meet every requirement.

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    Lindsay Scholtes photo

    Lindsay Scholtes country flag

    Co-founder & CEO
  • Alexandre Lacgèze photo

    Alexandre Lacgèze country flag

    Co-founder & CTO

    Users commented that the revamped app was richer in features and more user-friendly. The solution would also be a lot easier to scale in the future thanks to the well-written code. Collaborative and diligent, 2muchcoffee took the time to understand the core business goals, which informed the work.

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    Alexandre Lacgèze photo

    Alexandre Lacgèze country flag

    Co-founder & CTO
  • Peter ten Klooster photo

    Peter ten Klooster country flag


    2muchcoffee filled the development partner role seamlessly and created an essential component for the client. Their team was responsive and always available. They offered detailed feedback that showcased their expertise in the field. Customers can expect a capable and flexible team of developers.

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    Peter ten Klooster photo

    Peter ten Klooster country flag

  • Lars Rieger photo

    Lars Rieger country flag

    Product Manager

    Collaborating with an in-house design team, 2muchcoffee delivered dynamic, user-friendly websites and pages within a narrow time frame. The team remained involved and diligent, offering experienced guidance and recommendations to minimize shortfalls or errors.

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    Lars Rieger photo

    Lars Rieger country flag

    Product Manager
  • Code Review for Online Marketplace country flag

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    Working efficiently, 2muchcoffee completed their work in a timely manner. The team is well organized and, thanks to their expansive knowledge, they will be a valuable partner for future projects.

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The industry-leading reviews name us the top software development company and rank us among the top 10 web development companies in the world.

Why us?

As a dedicated team, we aim to deliver the best startup solutions and build long-lasting relationships with our clients. Check out what makes us the right choice for your project.
  • Clear Communication
    Convenient communication is essential to build agile and scalable digital products. We use a wide range of tools, like Slack, Jira, Trello, Clubhouse, Skype, Zoom, etc. to stay in touch and negotiate the development process. Just choose what suits you best.
  • White label development
    We respect the confidentiality of our clients. Signing an NDA will protect valuable project data, while white label web development services will ensure legal ownership of the software product development and allow you to rebrand the product.
  • Passionate Team
    All members of our team are specialists in the fields. Designers, developers and managers - all put their hearts and souls to transform your idea into a robust and innovative product.
  • Result-oriented approach
    We use Agile software development to make continuous improvement after each iteration. We make our work transparent with plans and reports after each sprint, so you always know at what stage web and app developers are.
  • Post-release support
    After the launch of the product, we continue to provide support and make sure that everything works according to the business strategy. Our IT solutions and consulting focus on scaling the app according to the market requirements and trends.


Do you have an idea for your next project? Not sure what tech stack or business model to choose? Share your thoughts and our team will assist you in any inquiry.