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Intuitive UI/UX design for web and mobile apps

Our designers will build an eye-catching app design with high usability and seamless performance. We’ll bring your idea to full-fledged responsive B2B web design while following the best practices of UI/UX. It’s only one chance to make a good impression!


We make design work

2muchcoffee offers UI and UX services for both web and mobile app development. The experience-based approach for product design allows us to unfold your business opportunities. As a result, we build a meaningful experience and striking app design.
  • Prototypes
    An interactive prototype is great to explore the app styling idea since it’s very close to the final product. It helps to test mobile and web apps design functionality, so you can get early feedback from the users.
  • Branding
    The brand image makes your business stand out from the wide competition. We embody your brand’s vision with a strong and cohesive product style including your logo, color scheme, and icons.
  • UX design
    We examine users' main pain points to produce solid UX solutions. That is why we develop digital products that are user-friendly and focused on business objectives. We turn users into loyal customers.
  • UI design
    We design intuitive and visually appealing interfaces for mobile and web applications. Images, colors, buttons, fonts, etc. are worked together to provide the best interaction with users.

Engage your customers with cutting-edge UI/UX design. Contact talented designers to discuss the details.

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Our UI/UX Design Process Explained

  • Project Discovery
    Our designers have a kick-off meeting with a client. Whether its an existing software product or a fresh solution, we study project documentation and collect as much information as possible about the product idea.
  • Research and Ideation
    Target audience analysis and competitor analysis allow us to understand end-user needs. We create flowcharts to visualize what actions the user will take across the app. The process also includes journey maps to capture the user experience with a product.
  • Sketching
    Visual design starts with UI reference and UI moodboard which include fonts, color schemes, graphic elements, etc.. We provide clients 1-2 interface screens to get early feedback and to figure out which one will be the foundation for the design layout.
  • UI Design
    At this stage, designers work on wireframing and prototyping a software product. Later on, they are ready to introduce the fully finished design of all screens along with the interface animation.
  • Delivery
    Our designers pass all the required materials to the web developers for the further development process. Based on Agile software development, the app design idea is getting tested at every stage of the process to make the product better.

UX design

Our designers use different UX methods for faster product deployment:
  • User research
    Examination of user needs and behavior help us build user personas. As a result, we deliver custom solutions to the right target audience at the right time.
  • Scenarios
    It is a story-telling approach that focuses on the user's intentions and motivations while describing how end-users will interact with the product.
  • Information architecture
    The app information should be logically structured and organized. The main goal is to provide consumers with a simple and easy navigation menu.
  • Flowcharts
    User flow helps to show various user interactions with an app. The approach allows us to validate the existing interface and build intuitive UI design.
  • A/B Testing and Heat Maps
    Both tactics focus on what actions users take. A/B tests allow choosing between two different elements and pick up the best-suited option. Heat maps show what elements were clicked/scrolled by users.

UI Design

Our design team creates different types of user interfaces for web and mobile apps with the help of:
  • Visual and Graphic design
    Illustrations, photography, color, and composition - all create an engaging visual design that enriches UX experience and produces product aesthetics.
  • Colors
    Colors can cause certain associations with emotions that could influence your brand and sales. It’s crucial to choose the right color pallet for your project.
  • Typography
    In order to establish a connection with the user, the typeface should be perfectly arranged following the best practices of spacing, color, size, hierarchy.
  • Wireframing
    A wireframe is a blueprint of product design to show the general application scheme. Based on the user research it illustrates the placement of the main data.
  • Prototyping
    Prototype tests how the app works and how a user will interact with it. From low-fidelity to fully-interactive models, prototypes are great to show design ideas.


2muchcoffee offers expertise in web and mobile application development for startups and big enterprises. We are proud of our projects since each of them is a unique story and solution!
  • Product Hunt - SaaS Product of the Year


    Product Hunt - SaaS Product of the Year

    Centralize all your apps in one single place.
    • SaaS
    • Web App
    • France
    Station is a SaaS focused platform for working with web applications (supports 600+ apps). It aims to boost your productivity at the workplace while saving tons of your time. As an app and web development company, we are highly skilled to build complex and user-friendly apps, such as Station. It's a Product Hunt project of the year and Y Combinator alumni.
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  • Swedish App Store №1 Fitness App


    Swedish App Store №1 Fitness App

    Maintain a healthy lifestyle with no-time and money.
    • Fitness
    • Mobile App
    • Sweden
    Our client was looking to motivate people to stay fit regardless of the tight schedule. We provided a full cycle development of the mobile app where users can track taken steps and convert them into real goods. Among the best walking apps, Stepler works as a trigger to take care of your health. Based on App Store ranking, Stepler is a top mobile app in Sweden.
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  • Leading System of Sustainability Reporting


    Leading System of Sustainability Reporting

    Solution to the fast transition to sustainable society.
    • Sustainability
    • Web App
    • Sweden
    The Normative team wanted to respond to the current environmental challenges. They aimed to help businesses to achieve SDGs using automated calculations and in-depth analytics. We used the best practices of AngularJS web development to create a custom software solution.
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Why UI/UX design is important

While UX is an architect and skeleton of the app, the UI is a decorator and the product overall look. A great UI/UX design conducts a significant effect on business growth and influence on:
  • More satisfied customers
    The first app design impression is crucial. An eye-catching and intuitive design will leave the customer pleased which will increase user engagement.
  • Better ROI
    A user who is satisfied with a design will recommend the product to others. So, the number of customers will increase which affects the ROI on your business.
  • Reduce development cost
    A flawless app endearing to the best practices of UI/UX design saves you money and time since the product won’t require frequent updates.
  • Generate sales
    A full-fledged design that reflects the product idea and solves user pain-points is gold for generating more leads, increasing sales and profits.
  • Boost brand value
    The cutting-edge app can form the prestige of your business. Moreover, an original and cohesive app design might become your signature brand.
  • Establish customer loyalty
    Through product usability and visual representation, the customer will be loyal to your brand and will raise the product’s popularity by word of mouth.

Tools we use

As a professional web design agency, we use the best tools to create a meaningful and relevant experience for users.


Do you have an idea for your next project? Not sure what tech stack or business model to choose? Share your thoughts and our team will assist you in any inquiry.