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Intuitive and Understandable

Any project should have its own announcement on the top of being just intuitive and understandable. Here we put your business goals into appealing design to look great on every size screen.


We make this work

While working on your project design we are not trying to reach something pretty to see and sell it as a remarkable design. We work with our client throughout the whole process, we listen to them, we research target audience so that a final design is created to succeed.

  • Interactive Ptototypes
    Interactive prototypes is an essential part of development cycle and allow client to save budget in getting first users feedbacks and used in investors presentations.
  • Brand Identity
    It’s important to be distinguished on the market. Your project should be recognizable and remarkable with its holistic logo, icons, fonts and color scheme to reveal your brand strategy.
  • UI Design
    Balanced collaboration of clients ideas and our designers’ skills with a smart approach turns into a beautiful design that will make a project stand out of many others easily.
  • UX Design
    UX is exactly what makes your initial user become regular ones. Every tiny detail means a lot here. We know how to get it by focusing on individuals doing our researches.

UX Design

2muchcoffee UX developers use prototype tools for faster deployment.

  • Interactive Prototypes
    Giving a pride place to a potential audience who will actually use a project rather than just letting go designers creativity that what makes interactive design successful.
  • Wireframes and Prototypes
    Wireframes is the fastest way to create design iterations based on team vision and clients dreams. It’s the best way to eliminate possible mistakes, gaps and save time.
  • Information Architect
    It shouldn’t be ignored that all information aimed to be digested by a user needs to be organized, mapped, and categorized as well. User must easily find desired goal.
  • User Research
    To create a successful project one always should identify types of potential users, their behaviour, and needs. This way it will be possible to guess probable requests and mistakes.
  • Scenarios
    Scenario is a bridge between a creative aesthetic part and actual business model part of the project. This is a tool that helps to plan out a solutions for possible users’ troubles.

UI Design

2muchcoffee UI design team professionally works with different types of user interfaces.

  • Visual Design
    Since user’s eye catching images much faster than users’ ears perceiving text you can rely on our design so it will be visible and beautiful. Your project will have its unique style & voice.
  • Colors
    It wouldn’t be a surprise to say that colors play crucial role in branding and sales. Many first impressions are made by color schemes of the product. Forewarned is forearmed.
  • Graphic Design
    Graphic design is words wrapped into visual shape. It is made to strike users’ eyes with the initial reaction and convert it into the action. This is the fastest way to send your message.
  • Layouts
    Your project should always stand alone, be unique, human-centered, and beautiful. To combine form and functionality properly for developer it’s important to have layouts to start.
  • Typography
    For a user to get an information in a proper way and perceive it readability takes not the last place. Font, size, font weight, font color are key factors of product personalization.