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NodeJS Development

Nodejs is a server-side runtime environment made on top of Chrome’s V8 JS engine. The implemented non-blocking and event-driven I/O models makes Nodejs fast and effective server technology. It is also cross-platform and can run in Windows, Linux and MacOS.


Why we use Node JS

The asynchronous functionality of Node.js provides performance advantages to the apps. Using JavaScript provides the programming language consistency and speeds up the app development process. The vast choice of npm modules makes adding new features fast and easily.

  • Speed
    Node.js performance benefits from Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine optimizations. Besides the non-blocking architecture keeps the servers from waiting until response it sent back to the user before switching to other tasks.
  • Modules
    The Node Package Manager simplifies managing additional modules and integrating them into your app. The Node.js community is wide and rich following code-sharing principles which allows find module for your exact requirements.
  • One Language
    As Node.js is using JavaScript programming language it allow to follow almost the same approaches for writing frontend and backend code. Developers will not need to switch between various programming paradigms as they move through the stack.
  • Real-Time Apps
    The applications with real-time interaction require low server response time that Nodejs is ready to provide. Such modules like allow to creating instant messaging chats, games and more. The fast speed and asynchronous behavior put real-time apps to new level.

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Node.js High-Level Architecture

From all available computing resources the bottleneck in input/output (I/O) operations is the main reason for performance problems. It is where Node model works scaling I/O effectively and don’t let applications crawl.

  • JavaScript Code
    JavaScript on the client device is single-threaded and operations which wait on receiving data block the subsequent code.
  • Event Queue
    Node.js implements the mechanism of organizing I/O operations into the queue and helps to avoid lockups.
  • Node Js
    Build-in Node.js threads handle I/O operations internally and return data when it’s ready which is ideal for real-time apps.

Companies who switched to Node JS

Many web application using node js as server-side JavaScript engine for use inside large traffic, high profile production web projects.

  • PayPal
  • Ebay
  • LinkedIn
  • IBM
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Microsoft
  • UBER
  • Groupon
  • Intel
  • Netflix
  • GoDaddy


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