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We are passionate about AngularJS for web development, hence we built Ngx-restangular - an open-source package that will be a perfect solution for any web app that uses data from a RESTful API.


Why we use NGX-Restangular

Being the custom-made Angular solution, ngx-restangular makes it easier to implement GET/POST/PUT/DELETE requests. As a result, the configuration becomes more understandable and can be applied in several ways with different settings. Just choose what suits you the best.

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How NGX-Restangular can be helpful

Ngx-restangular is a perfect solution to implement rich functionality for difficult and compound tasks. The package is convenient to use for complex client-side tasks, applies RxJS under the hood, and have a coherent structure.

  • Easy way to send multiple requests
    Requests like GET/POST/PUT/DELETE become easier to make with Ngx-restangular. Due to simple configuration, you can send multiple requests in various ways while applying different settings.
  • Names instead of URLs
    There is no need to remember every single URL that you use. In order to access the resource you need, use names instead of URLs. Easy as that.
  • Support all HTTP methods
    The package allows creating your individual HTTP methods. Following unique logic, it becomes easy to perform custom operations you need.
  • Uphold nested RESTful resources
    To perform the HTTP operation, you don’t need to be familiar with the path, the URL, etc. Ngx-restangular maintains nested RESTful resources and manages that without your help.
  • No need to make a new Object to perform requests
    You have the capability to send requests within the chosen Object. As a result, it is not necessary to create new Objects and identify URLs for each request form.
  • Maintain self-linking elements
    Stop writing URLs by hand. Instead of contracting the links by yourself, the Ngx-restangular package allows using the item’s reverse link to query the server.


Ngx-restangular lets you create a Nested RESTful Resources API easily as a part of a custom Angular solution for complex projects.

Built with Ngx-Restangular

Ngx-restangular is proved by hundreds of MVP and startups that have already used it in their Angular-based projects. Finally, you receive rich-featured and clear structured applications that make the REST API service much easier.


Do you have an idea for your next project? Not sure what tech stack or business model to choose? Share your thoughts and our team will assist you in any inquiry.