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E-commerce has managed to change many aspects of sales and the way of buying process in the global network. Nowadays, app development for an online shopping is the best way to keep in touch with customers and increase sales on both web and mobile platforms. The mobile apps market is developing a marketplace with leaps and bounds. Go to the App Store or Google Play, and you'll be shocked by the abundance of shopping apps.

E-commerce is entrenched as one of the main ways of buying for many consumers. It's safe to say that consumers switched to the convenience and availability of online transactions. However, along with the development of technology, E-commerce is also developing. The simplicity and accessibility of E-commerce have evolved into mobile platform commerce. M-commerce is not just a modern trend, but also almost a standard in online shopping.

Marketplace app development for E-commerce can bring great prospects, but at the same time entail some technical difficulties. Nowadays, a typical E-commerce marketplace responsible neither for the quality of the content hosted in the application nor for the delivery. In this connection, many companies fail, and such platforms as Wish try to stay afloat and keep in touch with users in all ways. But what you need to know, in order that such a situation does not happen? Let's figure it out what important things we need to consider, and how to create a right mobile app.

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Wish platform app development based


A well-known mobile application Wish from San Francisco was originally developed in order to satisfy the desires of customers. The program recommended suitable items and offered related offers with possible discounts. ContextLogic has always been able to find an approach with people and provide them with very profitable deals. The company continues to grow. Now Wish app has turned into the largest shopping platform, which interacts with various brands, manufacturers, craftsmen, and other merchants and buyers.

This commerce platform is a kind of intermediary between buyers and traders, who in turn are responsible for the provision of certain services and goods. Thus, Wish only connects these two, but does not participate in transactions and does not allow redirecting customers to original websites and stores.

So why is Wish app such a popular on the competitive E-commerce market?

What E-commerce businesses model does Wish use?

At the beginning of its career, the application worked as a service for coupons. But now Wish has become a powerful fast-growing platform, which is available on iOS and Android mobile platforms.

But what is their guarantee of success? Let's think about it. How does an ordinary person go to the store? Many people decide what to buy on the spot because not all people have a pre-prepared shopping list. Seeing in front of a wide range of attractive products from various categories, we do not strive to buy everything at once. But at the same time, there is something special that makes us buy something specific in the store.

Proceeding from this, many companies like Walmart get great revenue because of their ability to carry out correct advertisement of the goods or provide lower prices so that the buyer aspires to buy the goods (and did not worry about the brand at all).

Top 3 Wish strategies

  • Ability to push customers and offer a wide range of products,

  • Focus on mobile platforms,

  • A large number of large discount.

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Multi-app approach


A small addition - the company uses about six software products to promote various categories of goods.

  1. Wish "Shopping made fun" – a top app with a user-friendly interface, that focused on various types of items (from makeup products, bags, and watches to different gadgets). It is the most advertised application in the company.

  2. Geek "Smarter Shopping" – smaller app related to digital devices and relevant accessories.

  3. Mama "Thoughtful shopping" – for young mothers, who are looking for babies products and items for pregnant women.

  4. Cute "Beauty shopping" – focus on beauty products, clothes, accessories, etc.

  5. Home "Design and Decor" – app related to the home décor (different accessories for bedroom, living room, kitchen appliances, etc.)

  6. Wish app for sellers – a specific app that allows merchants to register their information about the company (name, product categories, location, and revenue share), and to monitor the accounts. In turn, customers can evaluate stores and individual products.

The principle of multi-app is used everywhere: many websites and social networks already used it. For example, Facebook came to the point that, to serve users by sharing them on tablet-users and mobile-user is much easier and more practical.

But this approach does not always attract customers. Since many people value their time and aim to enter the application to purchase a certain product. Instead of viewing a bunch of objects that they do not need.

Main features of shopping made fun


Personalized filters

The application suggests telling the user about himself (by entering information about sex, date of birth, preferences and selecting several categories), and based on this, suitable products will be matched.

But as practice shows, the mobile application only slightly narrows the global search for products. Perhaps to familiarize each person with a wide variety of products. Of course, Wish is focused on impulsive buyers who, in search of suitable products, will buy more and more items.

It turns out that the system of selecting goods works not only on the principle "I like it", but it also takes into account what a person does not like. Thus optimizing the process of selecting goods.

So if you develop a shopping app do not forget to add a Tinder-like interface for choosing items. An example is a Fancy application, which uses a user-friendly interface based on interactions with baskets. Similar functionality can be written on Swift for iOS shopping app development.

Wish app doesn’t use Magic Tinder component, however, users can easily find any kind of products through different filters (prices, tags, rating, color, etc.)

Add to cart or press buy

This is a possible choice that is provided to users of the Wish application. The functionality of the work of processing purchases and their payment is very important. Therefore, you need to give users the option of paying through PayPal or simply using a credit card with an acceptable level of usability.

Tracking and delivery

These two aspects are very important part of marketplace application development. For example, Wish offers delivery of goods within seventeen to twenty-five days (although in fact, sometimes the delivery lasts longer).

A critical fact is that a lot of bad reviews of the service are associated with slow and unreliable delivery (since users do not have the ability to track the parcel). At the same time, it is encouraging that application developers listen to their users, and plans to open some warehouses in the US soon (and thereby reduce the delivery time).

The popularity of Wish app is growing every year, but at the same time, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the situation. And the control over the quality of rendered services is correspondingly complicated.

Main tips:

  • Develop a colorful user-friendly interface that will attract the attention of users.

  • The correct support service should provide communication with customers. People should trust you and be sure of a good deal.

  • Develop several similar applications, but make them unique in their own way (appropriately sharing them in the areas of purchases or services).

  • Implement a competitive system. Let the best among buyers and sellers will receive pleasant rewards.

  • Known and reliable payment system. The best choice would be a verified PayPal.

Thus, based on the experience of the Wish application, we can come to the conclusion that with the popularity growth, it is necessary to pay great attention to the quality of the services provided. Therefore, when developing your mobile application, conduct a comprehensive market research, learn from the mistakes of others, and do not forget to take into account the wishes of your target audience.


The world is becoming digital. And E-commerce marketplace is an important part of this transformation. The more developed the country's economy is, the more the volume of the online trade market becomes. This is particularly evident in the case of Western countries. On a global scale, E-commerce in 2017 showed an impressive increase of 16%+, reaching $1.5 trillion.

Based on the Wish experience we suggested easy tips (like tracking and delivery and personalized filters)that you could follow in order to transform your marketplace into a succesful business.

In case, you got left any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us and we will assist you in any inquiry!