Is the product you develop an online marketplace? If yes, have you ever prepared your product for introduction at the global market arena? Or, vice versa, you are looking for the best eCommerce platform in order to sell online. In order to help you to make the right decision, we have prepared a list of top online marketplace platforms. And the set of other articles on our website can help you to ensure that your product is mature enough for the competitive environment.

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You’ll learn from the article about the most popular and profitable marketplaces at the moment. If you choose one of the best marketplaces you’ll have a great chance to become a successful seller with a good return.

1. Etsy marketplace


After gaining more than a decade of experience in the sphere of online trades, Etsy has gained a worldwide popularity and become recognizable almost in every part of the world. Probably the main distinctive feature of this marketplace is the fact that it is known for stable and reliable service among a lot of people of various professions. The list of those who are engaged in this online marketplace comprises various artists, jewelry-dealers, houseware handicraftsmen, etc. Due to all of this, Etsy has taken the industry world by the storm with the fame of rather affordable and profitable online marketplace.

There is a list of advantages you may get from selling there:

  • This marketplace is customer oriented;

  • You are able to create and manage custom orders;

  • The service provides cooperation for trade price businesses;

  • All extra fees are excluded.

In case you have got acquainted with the common tendencies and rules of working on Etsy, it may be interesting and easy to realize how to become successful there and what you can get for it.

The way to succeed with Etsy:

  • If you are working with the unique products of your hands production, both of unique and hand-made characters of the product are rather strong benefits for you on this platform;

  • It is welcomed to communicate with customers while selling here;

  • And supply your custom orders or offers with a set of pictures of HD or Extra quality.

2. Amazon marketplace


Have you known that at the very beginning of Amazon it was a simple online book-market which specialized on drop-shipping stuff from its own equipment record sheet? Nowadays Amazon can be considered as one of the largest online marketplaces on eBay platform which has high rates of visiting and tracking statistics. As a result of stable evolution, now it operates with billions of various products of different types and forms. Almost all possible types of products including décor-staff, clothes, furniture, etc. are represented here. For this reason, in case you are looking for a marketplace platform to sell something really unique or an ordinary thing, Amazon is definitely a perfect choice!

There is a list of advantages you may get from selling there:

  • The more sales the better;

  • Access to the worldwide market;

  • Low marketing cost;

  • Say “NO” to stocks.

The way to succeed with Amazon:

  • Carefully fill the pages of your products with the information. Everything from the pictures to the word combination should be customer oriented and motivate them to buy your products.

  • Use the help of contextually targeted advertising and various promo actions to speed up your rates’ growth.

3. eBay marketplace


This online marketplace platform is one of the earliest explorers in this industry as well as in the world of online marketplaces. If you prefer cold facts from the statistic, this marketplace is able to vaunt more than 160 millions of active customers. eBay is something more than a simple platform for selling and purchasing. It is possible to offer a rental service here, especially of some used goods. Moreover, it is also possible to organize an auction and include the audience from almost 30 countries all around the world with help of the in-built integrating system.

There is a list of advantages you may get from selling there:

  • The numerous varieties of things and services for sale from small, middle and large businesses;

  • Wide set of various possible ways of payments;

  • Understandable tutorial prescriptions and pieces of advice;

  • Different options for shipping or drop-shipping.

The way to succeed with eBay:

  • Prepare your selling offer carefully beforehand;

  • An effective system of enrolment is a guaranty of your potential success there. Nevertheless, ensure that you employ SEO-friendly phrases and words combination on your products pages;

  • Feedback from your customers has a great impact on your rate and fame which, consequently, influence the future profit.

4. Jet marketplace


The official introduction of the Jet marketplace took place in 2015. Now it is considered to be one of the five biggest online marketplaces in the USA (the 4th to be certain). Despite it was presented to the wider audience in 2015, the organization had been established one year before, in 2014. The founder is Marc Love, who has previously sold Huggies on Amazon platform. The advantage of Jet is a really simple process of selling. You are able to pass through registration without any difficulties and start selling almost any kind of product you can imagine. These may be handicraft goods, vegetables, IT gadgets and much more. Actually, it is maybe the easiest option to launch your business in the industry of online trades.

There is a list of advantages you can get from selling there:

  • There is a special page dedicated to the description of each seller. It is useful for customers because it helps to check the seller reputation;

  • The low level of competition because of a low number of sellers. For this reason, it is easier to gain success here;

  • All orders are sorted and filtered and each of them would be taken on in accordance to certain value.

The way to succeed with Jet:

  • Take into account that Walmart has already captured Jet marketplace. For this reason, if you are eager to start your business and sell on Jet marketplace, the range of your possibilities becomes significantly wider;

  • There is a system of various savings and bonuses in case of multiple orders. From this reason, an increased motivation takes place here and most of the customers would prefer to come back in the future.

5. Walmart marketplace


It is a special online stack which provides third-party organizations with an opportunity to sell their position on “Walmart”. The same you may do on “Amazon” or “eBay”. Choosing a Walmart as a platform through which you are going to sell your products is a perfect way to present it for an enormous number of potential customers. Each offered item of the marketplace is presented on an equal basis with other offerings in the list of search compilation on this website.

There is a list of advantages you may get from selling there:

  • An enormous number of customers which continues its growth on 100+ points per month;

  • Despite Walmart can be counted as the biggest retailing system, its approval system is rather reliable and definitely worth being recommended;

  • Rather high level of authority and credibility;

  • Easy transaction system.

The way to succeed with Walmart:

  • Create your own brand or buy an existing one. This online marketplace platform prefers those who represents his own brand instead of reselling;

  • Try to make the information about your product as precise as possible;

  • Concentrate on creating a reputation of a high-quality product seller;

  • AND! Keep your prices at a low level and avoid their quick growing.

6. Newegg marketplace


In case you have heard about Newegg, you may probably have already known about the fact it takes the second position in the list of the biggest retail shops having turned into online marketplaces. Now it has more than 10 million positions in the list of products and a website which has been winning a lot of awards. Moreover, it is concentrated on supplying its customers with smart technical devices for its customers. It must be recognized that this marketplace with the help of a modern website with user-friendly interface increases the number of its followers rather quickly and without a lot of wasted efforts. Moreover, it provides you with a chance to reach the same success.

There is a list of advantages you may get from selling here:

  • Provided access to the US audience

  • Excellent level of delivery support

How to be successful on Newegg:

  • Use the advantages provided by various programmes offered for sellers and supported by the marketplace itself. It is definitely able to increase the number of your followers.

  • Ensure that you are employing the trade engines prepared by Newegg. They are able to provide your offers with a speeding up impulse. Such engines comprise various promotions, advertisements, annual deals, shell-shockers and deals-of-the-day.

7. Rover marketplace


With a headquarter located in Seattle, “Rover” is an online marketplace which provides customers with various service offers in more than 10 thousand cities around the USA. It has been nominated and, actually has won, the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur Award as the best emerging company in the Pacific North-west Region. And it is exactly our next position in the TOP-list. Rover marketplace offers their customers to enjoy the relatable service by providing them with the possibility to order a lot of various accommodations as dog-boarding or sitting, or walking; household help or house-sitting service etc.

There is a list of advantages you may get from selling here:

  • The possibility to order almost any pet-service from pet-lovers;

  • Ties up in the network more than 10 thousand cities;

  • The largest number of pet-sitters in the country;

  • Android/iOS applications provide the community of customer with the possibility to share different information and files with one another.

The way to succeed with Rover:

  • Try to contact various local businesses and ratify some partnership agreements with them. It will give your business-card an opportunity to be displayed and your partners will also have some testimonial benefits;

  • Provide your customers and their dogs with a “goody bag”, and you will receive a good fame in response.

8. Bonanza marketplace


It is actually one of the most convenient options for retailing business related to fashion sphere. Now it has more than 25 thousand of various retailing companies which have registered on the marketplace. This eBay-like marketplace provides its customers with an opportunity to open an online stall in order to sell their goods through it. All of these stalls are represented in specially sorted lists in accordance to their rate. In case you are not able to pay for listings of your products, you would have to pay a closing fee of 3,5% from each sale under the number of 500 USA dollars.

There is a list of advantages you may get from selling there:

  • Payment free product enrollment;

  • Auto synchronization or import from Amazon/eBay/CSV/Etsy etc;

  • The Bonanza does all the effort connected to the advertisement of the product and its rendering by various search engines as Google or Yahoo.

The way to succeed with Bonanza:

  • Keep in mind all the tips from the Bonanzas' guideline;

  • In case you are the representative of home&garden, women fashion industry, health&beauty or fan item categories, your success is guaranteed due to bestseller rates of these categories.

9. Craigslist marketplace


In case you say Craigslist, it usually means that you are talking about a place where you are able to sell all kinds of imaginable goods. You are even able to sell yourself, figuratively. In case you are going to get rid of some old things or sell some new one, Craigslist probably will be the first place you’ll visit. There is no payment for listing, so you even may feel as the main manager of all your selling offers. Launched in aforetime 1995, it has taken more than 70 countries by the storm and now has a profit of more than 695 million USA dollars (due to 2016 statistic).

There is a list of advantages you may get from selling there:

  • There is no payment and fees both for enrolment and selling there;

  • With the help of local hotspot, it gives you an opportunity to operate to significantly wider audience of potential buyers through only one advertisement.

The way to succeed with Craigslist:

  • Try to retail some antiquarian stuff previously renovated;

  • Keep in mind that there is a high possibility to be fooled with the fake money. For this reason, be extremely attentive while transactions.

10. Alibaba marketplace and its derivative Aliexpress marketplace


Alibaba marketplace comprises a rather large number of various categories such as clothes, apparels and so on. It was established in 1999 a now is considered as one of the greatest Asian online marketplace platforms. Its current profit in accordance with Wikipedia data is more than $39 billion! We think that this choice might be even obvious as this platform is connected with all large American retailing platforms such as Amazon, eBay or Walmar.

There is a list of advantages you may get from selling there:

  • Despite it is an online marketplace which servers mostly located in Can, you would get an access to the global world audience by posting your offers there;

  • It has an effective and mature system of advertisement. Although it requires a small fee, it would definitely increase your sales.

The way to succeed with Alibaba:

  • The lower your prices are, the closer you are to success;

  • You are even able to do wholesaling there.

Aliexpress is an online marketplace from Alibaba Group’s, established in 2010. It is possible to compare it to Amazon: you are able to search and find almost everything you can imagine. Moreover, there is no limitation for an orders’ size. Another brilliant feature is that it’s possible to find products with good price-quality correlation. Nevertheless, keep in mind that it may require a long period of time in order to deliver a product for its buyer.

There is a list of advantages you may get from selling there:

  • Payment free registration as a seller but also GoldenMembership is available;

  • The marketplace itself is not involved in the process of selling. It plays a role of a platform only;

  • There is a list of sellers' rates made by buyers. The higher is your rate, the higher are your chances to increase your profit.

The way to succeed with Aliexpress:

  • Organize the manufacture process in China. It reduces the amount of money you need to create a product and increases revenue;

  • Keep in mind that the higher rate you have, the higher demand you have.


Choose an online marketplace carefully in accordance with your requirements, possibilities, and goals. Keep in mind that it is a very important decision, as it would play a key role in the question of your potential success. We hope, that our article simplifies this difficult decision and you will be able to push your marketplace onto a highlevel of success!

In case, you got left any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us and we will assist you in any inquiry!