Development of the popular shopping list app is a nice chance to help everybody, who wants to save time and money. Even small grocery app could reorganize daily routine (like creation food shopping list or some important purchases) of millions. According to the statistic, 2/3 of people already use smartphones while shopping. Let’s find out where to start.

So, if you are a mobile app developer that working on your food appshop, you should think like a customer and you need to know how an average person applies mobile technology for shopping.

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According to the Nancy M. Childs works, we can distinguish the top three motivations of customers:

  • Personalization. Your app must know all requirements and needs of every single user.

  • Convenience. The app must be easy and clear.

  • Economic advantages. Offer users sales, coupons, etc.

Such shopping giants as AnyList, Grocery IQ, as well as Buy me a pie already using these tips in their apps. Let’s take into consideration the best and worst features for grocery shopping list app.

Best features in your shopping list app:


Track spending Shopping app

The ability will help users to overview spending history. Because people want some infographics and they want to know how to spend less money. Interesting, that most of Google Play and App Store apps that we know ignore this most desirable feature.

Reminders Grocery app

Good shopping app, like Daily Bread, could work with the Reminders app to inform customers when they need to buy some groceries.

Loyalty programs and coupons Shopping app

For example, SavingStar and Grocery IQ apps were highly appreciated for the practice of using coupons and various discounts.

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Worst features in your shopping list app:


Real-life tracking and questions related to the location data often cause only negative emotions. ResearchNow finds out that about 77% of people want to exchange such personal information for coupons. Swirl said that 65% of users trust apps that work with Facebook and Google.

Despite the contradictions, an innovation such as iBeacon helps users provide more accurate location information, make shopping easier and save some money.

Strong connection to the social media

Some users are unhappy that without registering through social networks, some features are not available to them. Four years ago, users preferred coupons and reminders more than the ability to register in shopping app through social networks.

Too many features

The simpler, the better. A large number of annoying advertisements and notifications do not make the app better. People want to create a shopping list that can be synced with friends and family.

Classification of shopping list apps:


To have the clear vision of shopping list apps, we provide you with simple classification, that might help you to navigate which type to follow while developing your own shopping list app.

1) By functions

  • Grocery Coupons (in digital or paper form; for the day, week, or season; based on the shopping list or user’ history). Grocery IQ and PushPin apps.

  • Shopping list (that include bid databases, built-in dictionary, barcode scanners, list updating and sharing system). Grocery Gadgets that work with Big Oven.

  • Barcode scanners (easiest way to find out all information about products and add them to the shopping basket). The ShopWell and the Shopper app.

  • Built-in recipe books. Yummy and AnyList.

  • Grocery delivery. Instacart, Peapod, and Urban Grocery.

2) By audience

  • Customers and retailers;

  • Business owners and brands;

  • Average grocery shoppers.

3) By data input

  • Manual input;

  • Barcode or photo;

  • Both.


Taking into account the best motivations of customers like personalization, convenience ans economic advantages, we discussed the worst and best features of your shopping list app. Therefore, geo-location and strong connection to social media platsorms should be avoided. The app should be the simplier the better without too many features. In addition, track spending, reminders grocery app, loyalty programs and coupons shopping app will be the best choices.

In case, you got left any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us and we will assist you in any inquiry!