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  • Are your web or mobile application establishment is highly-efficient?

  • General approaches of code enhancing

    • Some pieces of advice related to the refactoring approaches

    • In which cases it is not recommended to do refactoring?

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Think of a situation when you are going to create a two-sided marketplace. You are eager to find someone who is able to develop your idea from the MVP (startup) level to the commercial-scale (enterpise) caliber. Apparently, you will have to handle a huge set of various problems throughout this process on the way to your goal.

One of the most significant element of app development that requires specific solution is technological platform for web or mobile development. In case, your target will be various well-known personalities or organizations, the level of your products’ running quality must be rather high. Generally, you are able to choose between two main ways of developing your marketplace application that are both rather powerful and sustainable. The first is to develop the entirely new platform. The second – to enhance a platform that is already exist.

Nevertheless, probably you are asking: How can I create an online marketplace of big commercial organization? What pieces of advices would be helpful in my way?

Our article is entirely devoted to those developers and online marketplace application owners who have hesitated a lot and have felt oneself lost in the wild ocean of tough decisions. The choice between creation and further employment of new framework or platform, and employment the already existing set of elements for such kind of development usually is rather tough thing. Especially, when you understand that your decision would influence the destiny of your project.

For this reason, we have prepared a small tips of factors and examples when it's better to develop a new technological platform like web or mobile app stack technology, vice versa, when you just need to enhance already existing one.

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Can you tell us that your web or mobile application establishment is highly-efficient?


The answer on this question is the central aspect in your choice between developing new technology or employing one of the existing platforms for your online trade marketplace application. Despite just designating and working on that features of your marketplace which attract consumers, look deeper and find out the disadvantages of your marketplace idea and the ways of dealing with them in order to enhance your online marketplace consumers’ detention level.

What are the potential cornerstones of your and consumer relations?

Keep in mind that one of the most significant characteristics of a profitable and efficacious online marketplaces is their dynamism or constant developing. In case you need any evidences, check how often such giants as Google, Amazon and so on, is being developing, expanding the set of available elements and tools, fixing some inefficient or irrelevant parts and old modifications just to keep being one of the best.

Some organizations decide to develop entirely new server-side or client-side parts, another just enhancing what they already have.

There is no certain rule of what to do and when. The permanent developing process entirely tied up with various factors such as type of application or type of industry tendencies. Let us help you to find out the most common circumstances in which the code developing is required.

General approaches of code enhancing as a necessary piece of total developing and upgrading online marketplace applications’ features set


The quintessential tip recommendation we are able to give is to refactor your applications’ code while developing it. It is not obligatory to refactor it regularly or once a day. Choose a period of a few months in order to assess your code quality and purity and do it in accordance with the necessity. Nevertheless, take into account the new tendencies of permanently developing and floating up modernized specifications and improvements in the programmers’ world.

According to it, there are possibility that a simple annual refactoring may turn into entire rebuilding of the whole code skeleton of the application in order to make it in accordance with the new standards and technological platform.

Based on the statistics, the main reason is the wrong usage of existing technologies that may cause a huge set of various but related between each other bugs and fails in the web or mobile app applications’ code which can be rather dangerous for its performance. It is rather apparent that such cause-and-effect relationships is caused by complex code that was written without further optimization.

In order to guard you from such situation, we offer you a few pieces of advice related to the refactoring approaches:

  1. We recommend you not to use code redundancy while dealing with layout for your online marketplace application. In case there are some parts that repeat more than twice it is better to build a function that will run this fragment changing only some values in accordance with the demands of certain situation. Moreover, it may be rather effective to make a special place where the development team will keep all such functions and they will be available at any stage of development of your own online two sided marketplace application.

  2. Try also not to use too complex checking conditions and divide them in separated functions instead.

  3. Clarity and comprehensibility. Keep in mind that a computer understands any code without errors. Nevertheless, a developer can read only the code with understandable methods and parameters names. For this reason, our tip is to use the names that contains some logical weight. Due to the tradition, developers mostly use noun in order to sign their code parameters, while verbs in a role of prefixes are widely spread for functions.

  4. The rule of personal or single responsibility. It means that in case you create a function it should perform only one operation and do it perfectly. Try not to make one complex function in order to cover a few operations simultaneously.

The necessity of such effective JavaScript frameworks as Node.js, Vue.js and React Native has entirely ensured us that in case you are going to fill your two sided marketplace with a set of various tools as chatting, files exchanging, module of online support and so on, it is possible to keep its performance on high level.

For this reason, there are organizations that prefer to merge the platform they already have with the entirely new one or completely rebuild some certain elements with the help of the framework which will suit their product the most. Simultaneously, the owners who prefer this approach, find this way how to enhance the level of consumers’ detention.

What did we mean writing “which will suit their product the most”?

Choosing the framework or even code-language for the project is no accident. There may be a huge set of various parameters which are able to influence the choice. They comprise not only the refactor dilemma but dealing with the web/mobile application technological platform updates.

In case you are still eager to create a product of the level of big commercial organization, you may need following set of recommended actions:

  • Find a few technologically efficient masters or teach your developers group.

  • Find out and summarize all the advantages of integration of some technological decision. Will it cause any influence on your profit?

  • Do analyse the consequences of using another one and check whether it performs as the previous. Do the same with the usage capabilities and functionality.

In which cases it is not recommended to do refactoring?


Despite all the effectiveness, the written approaches of code developing probably won’t solve your problems in case your application is based on a rather out-of-date and even archaic platform which simply destroys the flow of work of the whole marketplace application.

  • Keep in mind that almost the half of interviewed people chose to leave the website which requires more than 3-4 secs in order to download all the data (due to the Kissmetrics service). In our case, we even want to ensure you that the situation with the speed rate of online marketplace application will be pretty much similar.

In order to decrease the number of consumers that may decide to abandon your application, we have prepared a few potential plots and web or mobile plans of action to do:

  • Change the whole platform or all the out-of-date parts of it for modern one which would increase the speed rate of the running features of your application. Nevertheless, ensure that the responsible person is qualified in such questions.

  • Implement an additional or entirely modern element or tool for consumers which will make your application rather notable for them. For example, there is an online marketplace application that provides its consumers with an opportunity to look through the menus of different restaurants and cafes in surrounding area. In order to please the consumers, you are able to add a possibility to know about what food ingredients is used in the recipe of certain offered dish.

  • Always modernize and enhance your applications’ user experience and interface in order to maintain its convenience.

  • Target a new trade actions or even a list of such actions that fits your project such as outbound or inbound marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, partnership agreement and so on.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that there may be a situation when you simply have to be in trend and situations when, vice versa, strictly act in accordance with traditions.

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Testing and correctioning of your applications code

The member of your team who is responsible for quality control always have to do his job, especially he/she should control code enhancing or replacing the web or mobile tech platform.

The QA members of your team should test the application and report to you after each stage in order to help you with possible troubles.



All in all, the choice whether to change your out-of-date platform entirely or employ some code refactoring approaches is up to you. Nevertheless, hopefully our clause is able to give you some vivid illustration and simplify this tough decision on the challenging way of creating your own marketplace up to a huge commercial level.

Got left any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us and we will assist you in any inquiry!