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This is How You Can Learn All Programming Languages, Yes - “all”

Programming languages are designed for the purpose: express your ideas. However, a lot of dev beginners ask themselves: Which programming language should I learn first? Which is the best programming language? The article “This is How You Can Learn All Programming Languages, Yes - “all” by Nick Mose not only provides answers to these questions. But the more important thing it reveals how you can master the skills of learning new programming language with no time. Check out the article for more information.

The Best AI Startups in Europe

Have you ever wondered how Siri works? Or how Netflix is able to recommend a film you might like? That’s all thanks to AI-enabled by machine and deep learning techniques. AI is a strategically important sector for Europe and a major driver for economic development. In reality, AI stands for more than that. The article “The Best AI Startups in Europe” by Anna Thorsen covers what AI is all about, the European ecosystem compared to the two AI superpowers: China and the US, and the European AI startups to look out for. Take a look to find out more information.

Bit About Blockchain [A Technical Perspective]

Bit About Blockchain [A Technical Perspective] by Mayur Ingle is for anyone who is curious about the Blockchain but has no idea what is it exactly. The goal is to make you understand what is Blockchain which means that there are few simplifications done while writing this. So, we highly recommend to check it out.

How to Think Without Googling

Both our attention and our memory have been affected by how much we use the Internet. “How to Think Without Googling” contains solutions on how to restore our brains to a pre-Google state. It will be difficult, but it’s possible. Jacqueline Detwiler elaborates on the common tendency to check almost every piece of information or even small tasks with Google. The article will be useful for everyone who’s a guilty pleasure to google everything. What do you think about it?

How to Sell by Tyler Bosmeny

Tyler Bosmeny from YC alumnus Clever shares his expertise on how an early-stage company should think about sales and about building an enterprise sales team. Check out video How to Sell by Tyler Bosmeny. The mystique concept of a salesman vs the reality, the mission of sales, cold emails and phone calls and many others that will be surely useful for you.

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