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A 50-year-old CEO shares 11 books he wishes he read in his 30s: ‘I’d be even more successful today’

“A 50-year-old CEO shares 11 books he wishes he read in his 30s: ‘I’d be even more successful today’” by Marcel Schwantes the headline is quite self-explanatory. The transformation could come from reading. So, check out these 11 books about leadership, success and professional growth that consider being the best of the decade.

The Dark Psychology of Social Networks

“The Dark Psychology of Social Networks” by Jonathan Haidt and Tobias Rose-Stockwell contains a profound conversation about the influence of social media on political engagement. The main argument is that if we want our democracy to succeed - if we want the idea of democracy to regain respect in an age when dissatisfaction with democracies is rising - we’ll need to understand the many ways in which today’s social-media platforms create conditions that may be hostile to democracy’s success. And then we’ll have to take decisive action to improve social media.

2020 Will Be the Most Volatile Year in History

The last few weeks marked a turning point in the global economy. It’s more than the trade war. A sense of vulnerability is replacing the previous confidence — and with good reason. We are vulnerable, and we’ll be lucky to get through the 2020s without major damage. “2020 Will Be the Most Volatile Year in History” by John Mauldin reveals risks facing us in the next year or so and the economic environment in which we will face those risks.

Let’s Talk About Brand Personality, Voice, and Tone

People buy from people they like, know and trust based on a relationship cultivated over time. In fact, emotional engagement matters more than customer satisfaction and drives brand loyalty. That is why brand personality and finding its own voice is crucial for your future success. “Let’s Talk About Brand Personality, Voice, and Tone” by Felicia C. Sullivan explains how to capture and craft your brand’s voice and personality. Take a look.

The Startup Idea Matrix — B2B Edition

“The Startup Idea Matrix — B2B Edition” by Eric Stromberg aims to help with the brainstorming part of the startup journey. The author put together a matrix that outlines various consumer markets as well as tactics a company can take to bring a unique product to the market. This is a must-read for a starting point for creativity.

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