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The death of the computer file.doc

Have you ever wondered how new technology services are changing our internet habits? One way or another the article “The death of the computer file.doc” by Simon Pitt will be interesting to look through. The author discusses files.doc, MP3 files, files.png and many other so familiar to all of us services that eventually could fade away.

Plan for massive facial recognition database sparks privacy concerns

Identity fraud is justification for collecting photos form drivers’ licenses and passports but critics say plan too invasive. Since the plan is for state facial recognition databases to be linked to a future national one. Josh Taylor in the article “Plan for massive facial recognition database sparks privacy concerns” investigates the issue in detail.

Which of Your Favourite Apps and Websites Are the Worst for the Environment

In a time when the environmental problems are more relevant than it has never before, the following article a must-read for everyone. Antonella Di Biase in the article “Which of Your Favourite Apps and Websites Are the Worst for the Environment” raised the most crucial environmental problems.

AI is “Smarter” than you, but you’re “Better” than AI. For now.

Peter Salinas discusses a quite controversial issue of Artificial Intelligences. Whether it is a reality or a myth and at what degree we allow to manipulate our perception about reality. Take a look at “AI is “Smarter” than you, but you’re“Better” than AI. For now” to find out more.

Welcome to the 'Airbnb for Everything' Age

In the sublet economy, you can turn anything into extra cash: your house, your car, your boat, or your backyard. There are a growing number of start-ups forging new rental marketplaces similar to Airbnb and Uber business model. Arielle Pardes discusses this issue profoundlyin the article “Welcome to the 'Airbnb for Everything' Age”.

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