Are you a newbie in software development or are you evolving in writing a high-quality code?

One way or another, you will need some extra resources to find the answers to your business development process. A good blog or a forum on Angular 2+ will be a useful tool to provide ground solutions to the current issues.

2muchcoffee - Angular developers team is here to help you. We made this article with a list of necessary Angular blogs, websites & forums. For your convenience, we’ve divided this 43 point list into meaningful blocks:

  • Angular blogs

  • Websites on JavaScript Development and Angular Development

  • QndA websites on the Angular framework

  • Top JavaScript and Angular Influencers

    • Angular core team members

    • Founders of courses

    • Authors of books and articles on Angular

    • Angular influencers belonging to Narwhal Technologies Inc (Nrwl)

    • Important Angular developer experts

In this post, we did not try to grade websites as it’s almost impossible and unnecessary. However, we’ll provide the main Angular resources and why it’s worth following them.

Why is This Angular Resources List Important?

The following list will be a helpful hint to a junior developer who wants to learn more about the Angular ecosystem. For example, every development team follows numerous ways of methodologies, and the more aware you are of each, the more quickly you’ll be able to ease into a team’s workflow and help them be more productive.

At the same time, the senior devs and product owners will be on top of framework updates and news. Constant innovation in web and mobile development requires non stop improving development and business skills. The knowledge you can get from the mentioned Angular resources, which will help you to:

  • Be on the edge of Angular framework updates, tutorials and guidelines;

  • Find custom solutions for your software product development;

  • Save the money on the new product development;

  • Learn new tips of Angular web development;

  • Use the knowledge in practice.

Top Angular Blogs

1. The Angular Blog


This blog is made by the Angular team - do you need more explanation? The site is the first place you should check if you strive to learn about the framework. The latest Angular news and tips from the Angular team keep you up to date! You can study the documentation in-depth, learn more about tools, and learn about all the following versions of Angular.

2. Adventures in Angular Episodes

The platform contains articles and podcasts on the Angular framework. The new tools, new technologies, and best practices are carefully described in this platform allowing junior and senior devs to choose a topic of interest. Our team is fond of this source since it’s relevant and clean reading without long and boring introductions. The podcasts are made of a series of episodes and cover the range of topics from coding to the business development of the product.

3. AngularJS 4U


This source has tips on Angular 2/4/6. It provides demos and coding examples which are always a useful thing to know. Tutorials will help to expand your knowledge while online tools could be used in your next project. The website has its own section of the useful resources which include the best AngularJS/ Angular 2+ online courses, audiobooks, and official resources. Our devs like this website since you always can find something interesting to learn here.

4. Juri.Strumpflohner


It’s a blog of an Angular developer, speaker, and instructor with 10+ years of experience. The core focus author made on frontend web development with JavaScript. The resource includes technical articles, presentations and public speaking, online courses, and video tutorials.

5. Offering Solutions

It is a blog of Fabian Gosebrink - a software engineer who is developing web applications with AngularJS, Angular, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core. Here you get a lot of up to date information and articles on Angular. We recommend this source for people who don’t want to spend hours searching for the relevant article. The articles are neat and include code excerpts and screenshots.

6. Angular In Depth

A huge database of articles where the advanced Angular concepts are explained. This is a great place if your goal to understand technologies on a deeper level. A detailed description will be helpful for everyone developing a complex project. Here the dev will find answers on various issues that may happen during the development process.

Top Websites on JavaScript Development and Angular Development

1. Reddit

A front page of the Internet. Precisely the front page of the meaningful conversation about Angular and JavaScript development. A great resource that has a big community of users that are engaged in the creation of content and share conversation across many topics. Angular devs find a lot of really good stuff here.

2. Envato Tuts Code

The platform provides users with how-to tutorials, courses, articles, eBooks, news, and community discussions to help you get new skills. This platform has a few subscription plans and free courses.

3. CodeProject

It is a website offering articles on Angular, quick answers, tutorials, etc.

4. CodeGuru

It is a website where developers share their ideas, articles, tips and tricks, comments, downloads, and others. There are many topics answering questions on Javascript development.

5. Medium

It has a really wide community of Angular devs and articles with relevant issues on Angular development from all over the world.

There are two other Angular websites, related to Medium, that provide quite valuable pieces of advice regarding Angular issues:

Q&A websites on the Angular framework

Every dev has some difficulties and challenges during his project. Well, the Internet provides you with a great number of Angular sites: forums and QnA websites. The following list intended to make life easier for both beginners and professionals. If you are looking for information on Typescript, Angular, libraries, state management and more, you are welcome to read these Angular websites.


Here you will find a lot of programming courses as well as the tutorials, also, you can ask some questions on JavaScript, Typescript and Angular.

2. Quora

It is a QnA website that comes with programming and software development information. Every Angular dev may ask a question here or provide an answer for others. Angular topics are divided into AngularJS, Angular 2/4/5, and Learning Angular.

3. Stack Overflow

It is a question and answer (Q&A) website, that makes life much easier to developers in their job. The big community helps you solve all problems related to the web and mobile app development with Angular.

Top JavaScript and Angular Influencers List

Are you searching for new software development tools, methodologies, and practices? Look at the well-known Angular influencers and professional JavaScript developers!

Many of them have their own blogs. Code examples and innovative techniques are discussed by people with personal experiences in this field. They present important information and modern thinking about Angular development in their profiles.

Follow them and you will definitely find the best practices in the web and app development and a lot of interesting knowledge there!

Angular Core Team Members

  1. Misko Hevery
  2. Father of AngularJS, and now on to Angular.

  3. Brad Green
  4. Eng director at Google where he manages Angular.

  5. George Kalpakas
  6. He’s a software engineer and an Angular core team member.

  7. Pascal Precht
  8. He’s a Google Developer Expert for the Angular Team presenting a lot of profound information on web development.

  9. Brandon Roberts
  10. He’s a web developer, technical writer, Angular team, NgRx project maintainer, sports fan and recovering gadget addict.

  11. Kara Erickson
  12. She’s an Angular team member and a Software Engineer at Google.

  13. Olivier Combe
  14. He belongs to the Angular Core Team and positions himself as a “JavaScript lover and CSS enthusiast”.

  15. Alex Okrushko
  16. He’s recently joined an Angular team. He’s a Software Engineer from Google working on Firebase Console; author/reviewer working on the Angular 2 blog AngularinDepth.

Founders of courses

  1. Shai Reznik
  2. He’s a founder of the online courses about Angular and front end development in general. He is an organizer of the largest JavaScript group in Israel and a professional Improv performer.

  3. Todd Motto
  4. Based on the personal working experience of his company Ultimate Angular, he is teaching people all over the world.

Authors of books and articles on Angular

  1. Ferdinand Malcher
  2. He’s a software developer, media creator, and trainer from Leipzig. He’s an author of the book "Angular – bases, advanced technologies and Best of all Practices".

  3. Tim Deschryver
  4. He is a writer for AngularInDepth - the blog where advanced Angular concepts are explained.

  5. Minko Gechev
  6. He’s a software engineer, author of the book "Switching to Angular", Google Developer Expert, and speaker on over 50+ global technical conferences.

  7. Gerard Sans
  8. He’s a Senior Frontend JavaScript Developer writing JavaScript and Angular articles on Medium.

  9. John Papa
  10. He’s a Google Developer Expert for Angular. John is a co-host of the popular Adventures in Angular podcast and the author of the Angular Style Guide.

  11. Dan Wahlin
  12. He’s a developer, architect, technology trainer, author with expertise in JavaScript, TypeScript, and Angular.
    In addition to following Dan on Twitter, you should visit his blog where he presents information on Angular both for Juniors and for skilled devs.

Angular influencers belonging to Narwhal Technologies Inc (Nrwl)

Narwhal Technologies provides remote and self-guided online training for learning high-skilled Angular devs. They work on the optimal strategy planning for improving team velocity and collaboration as well as help implement critical pieces of applications and infrastructure.

  1. Thomas Burleson
  2. He’s a Solutions Architect having technology expertise in Angular, HTML5 and much more.

  3. Viktor Savkin and Jeff Cross
  4. They are сo-founders of Narwhal Technologies which purpose is to provide Angular consulting to large teams.

  5. Torgeir Helgevold
  6. He is an Angular Architect focused more on JavaScript based front-end development.

Important Angular developer experts

  1. Dmitriy Shekhovtsov
  2. He’s a Google developer expert In Angular and Web Technologies.

  3. Brecht Billiet
  4. He’s a Frontend software expert and a founder at StrongBrew, works on creating large-scale architectures of single-page-applications in Technologies like Angular and React.

  5. Oleg Varaksin
  6. He’s a Senior Software Developer and Architect who identifies himself as a passionate and experienced front-end developer and architect.

  7. Deborah Kurata
  8. She is a front-end architect specializing in JavaScript and Angular.

  9. Cory Rylan
  10. He’s a Google Developer Expert for Angular and web technologies specializing in creating fast progressive web applications.

  11. Mike Brocchi
  12. He is a web developer, currently focused on the Angular CLI.

  13. Gregor Doroschenko
  14. He’s a software developer working with Angular, TypeScript, “organizer” of the Angular Meetup Dresden.

2muchcoffee team, follows these guys on Twitter and LinkedIn and constantly visits the above-mentioned forums & blogs in order to find lots of useful solutions.

We hope that this information will come in handy in your work! Want to add some influencer or a website to this list? Have a question left? Leave your comment here!