Angular is the most popular frontend framework to create dynamic web apps. We prepared the top Angular usage statistics to prove this statement and illustrate why devs and users are so fond of this web app development technology.

There will be no comparison of Angular vs most popular frameworks (like React or Vue) since all frameworks are different in their features and suitable for different projects based on their type and functionality. So what we are going to do is to focus on entirely Angular statistics. Let’s start with the brief intro of why it is one of the most famous frameworks these days.

Why Angular?

Angular is an open-source framework maintained by Google. Firstly developed in 2010 as an AngularJS, the framework was updated almost every year in its architecture, syntax, and performance to keep Angular run smoothly with the rest of the JavaScript ecosystem. The latest version, Angular 10 was released in June 2020.


Being the JavaScript framework, Angular assists with running single-page applications while model-view-controller (MVC) capability makes app development and testing as easy and fast as possible. Angular-based web applications usually load faster and scale the product without problems.

The main benefits of Angular development include:

  • Cross-platform compatibility

  • High app performance

  • Fast speed load

  • Clean code

  • Code reusability

  • Easy updates

Angular empowers websites with speed, powerful performance, and meaningful user experience. As an example, check out the official site of the National Basketball Association which was developed using Angular for the front end. The website provides the latest basketball news, scores, games schedules, online store to buy merch and tickets. Such projects are characterized by complex content, such as video streaming, news feed, constantly updated information of games. Regardless of the rich functionality of the website, it’s fast, user-friendly, and neat.

Downloads Angular Statistics

Angular is a TypeScript-based framework which means easier practice to read the code, fewer bugs, and the self-documentation feature. The universality of the Angular framework makes software engineers keep downloading the Angular package. The number of downloads was exponentially increasing for the last two years.


There is a debate that in the war of JavaScript frameworks, React Native will outlive the Angular. However, for the past six months, the Angular package was actively downloaded for software project development.


Creating applications on Angular is a promising area and continues to gain popularity, so choosing it as the next milestone in new product development is a good solution. The following Angular stats present downloads per month, per week and per day to trace the more detailed data on the framework usage.


Angular Usage Statistics

The framework helps to create compound and complex products following the business logic and create more enterprise-like applications. All together with high performance and lightweight capabilities enable to increase the level of Angular-based applications each year.

Web application development using Angular is becoming more and more popular, as evidenced by the rapid growth in the number of websites using this framework.


Modern versions of Angular was a complete rethinking of AngularJS. Today, the very first version of Angular is considered to be less flexible and clean compared to the latest versions. However, AngularJS is actively used for web app development.



The US is a leader in using Angular websites. The predominant reason why Angular is so popular in the US is the huge concentration of big enterprises and startups with the focus on software technology business verticals. As a result, Angular is an obvious choice when it comes to complex and scalable projects.


Job Market for Top Technologies

Job statistics helps to identify which technology is on-demand among companies who decide to hire software engineers. As seen from Google Trends data, the current job market suggests learning Angular and React. These technologies are leaders in the skillset of web developers.


Who Uses Angular?

Angular is more suitable for large projects with a rigid structure. It has a lot of ready-made solutions and an efficient system for collecting and storing information. These features simplify the development of large websites and ensure robust performance. Let’s get a closer look at the best examples of Angular websites.


Top Websites Using Angular

Angular is a modern type of framework that allows organizing an integrated custom approach to solve tasks in a large and complex project. The developer is able to split the application into modules and component, which will greatly facilitate the testing procedure. That is why Angular is a favorite technology for media streaming and social media companies.

The Angular web developer is a popular career choice, as more and more companies want to use this framework. The technology is supported by Google and used in Gmail and YouTube applications. Angular has already been chosen by companies like Lego, PayPal, Upwork.


Websites Using Angular

The list of companies that uses Angular is updating every day. There is data on 845,382 companies using Angular. These companies predominantly in the computer electronics and technology, arts and entertainment, and news and media industry verticals. The tech spending of such companies is around $10000 USD while the location mainly in the US.


Websites Using Angular with High Traffic

There are twice as many websites with high traffic volume developed with Angular. The report includes the results of 2,564 companies and updates on a daily basis.


Angular Market position

The statistic shows that the most used tools among software developers are ASP.NET while Angular takes the second place. Instead of comparing Angular with its main competitors (React and Vue), we show the importance of Angular among all other frameworks in general.


Angular beats React in the website market share, which means that there are more web applications built with Angular framework. Angular is leading technology in Top 10K sites, Top 100K sites, Top 1M sites, while React is a leader in the Entire Web.


Among the most popular JavaScript libraries, Angular is a leading tool on the market based on the popularity and website traffic.

When focusing on exclusively web frameworks, Angular is in the top three list of choice among the professional developers.



The framework has tons of benefits form the developer’s point of view (accessibility, code splitting, animations, testing, etc..), we choose to show the top reasons why web devs like Angular.


Community and development

Angular has a vibrant community that helps in the development and improvement of the framework. Precisely, the community assists with custom solutions that can be integrated into the project or resolving complex issues. Additionally, there are plenty of training materials for junior developers.

If you want to know how actively the project is being developed look at the number of commits over time. So, there is more git commits in Angular than in React which means that the framework is constantly updated.


Top 5 Popular Angular Based Platforms

Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that businesses use to promote their products online. It’s a great example of a complex project built with Angular. The solution allows advertising products/services on Google Search, and other sites across the web. Like any other website using the Angular framework, Google Ads illustrates the diversity of features along with the high webpage performance.


The Guardian

One of the top digital daily newspaper in the UK with more than 400 million monthly visitors. It holds the third place by a number of visitors among national newspapers. The Guardian uses Angular for its user interface. It helps to generate thousands of images and media content without overloading the webpage.


YouTube TV

The platform for video hosting and sharing was created with Angular 2. YouTube has one billion users with the same amount of visitors per day. The high volume traffic is not a challenge for platform performance and functionality.



The money transfer online works great due to the Angular framework. Allowing transfers between individuals and companies, PayPal has 305 million active users nowadays. Thanks to the Angular framework the platform has easy authorization feature within a few clicks, ability to complete purchase and money transfers without leaving the web store and also high security protection which is essential for every FinTech apps.


The US satellite channel The Weather Channel is the most visited weather website globally. Built with the Angular, the website provides weather forecasts, a news feed, entertainment, and educational content. Angular solution grants the site with integrated multiple maps, real-time broadcasting, and high-quality images and videos.



Angular has become an excellent combination of a rich feature set and easy to learn the framework. It will take about an hour of free time to start writing small applications on it. At the same time, it will take months to learn the whole available feature set and tools provided by Angular.

We hope that you’ll find Angular stats mentioned in this article useful. If you have any questions or you know other interesting statistics and data about Angular usage, please feel free to contact our team. We’ll be glad to hear from you!