Digital transformation dictates the rules about what kind of business should be developed. Buy and sell at online marketplaces, develop technologies and provide solutions are essentials in the current market economy. It is very convenient to run a business with only an Internet connection and with little to no budget at all. That is why more and more people each year decide starting a business on their own.

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In case, you are wondering about starting an online business, but do not have a particular idea in your mind, this article is for you. Our team listed a few ideas for your startup to choose from. Take in mind, that based on skills and a bit of dedication, nowadays it is easy to convert your passion into the business. The majority of small business could be operated from home. As for starting out, you can always begin with whatever little capital you have.

Get ready to be inspired and choose your future startup business!

1. Business Services

More and more people become the independent business owners that is why B2B sales model is quite popular as it has never before. Business services can cover almost every industry and niche, that is why it is quite universal and you will not fail if you choose this path of startup development. Take into account the following career paths:

  • Online Assistant

  • Translator

  • Project Manager

  • Data Analyst

  • Freelance Researcher

  • Finance Manager

  • Customer Service Specialist

  • Business Planning

  • Product Development

  • Bookkeeper

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2. Sales and Marketing Services

Nowadays, due to advanced digitalization of society, online marketing has a great potential to shift the traditional way of marketing strategies. In addition, if you are interested in generating sales leads, market analysis, creative writing skills, and brand promotion, then your startup should be related to digital marketing and sales. As a business idea for your startup, you may consider becoming:

  • Affiliate Manager

  • Social Media Manager

  • Content Manager

  • Blogger/Vlogger

  • Public Relations Specialist

  • Sales Manager

  • SEO Consultant

  • Freelance Proofreading and Editing

  • Web content writing/Marketing Copywriter

  • Online Journalist


3. Technology Maintainance

Today, almost all business more heavily rely on technology for daily operations. So, in case you have certain skills and knowledge or you are simply passionate about technologies, then consider starting your own business as a web developer, graphic designer or net security consultant. There are plenty of options what startup business to start related to technology maintenance, for example:

4. Consulting

It might include literally every sphere of life from business to fitness, from travel to fashion. If you are passionate about a particular subject and have profound knowledge and common sense about the topic then why not to capitalize on it? There is only a small list of what might be your next startup business:

  • Makeup/Hairdresser Artist

  • Personal Stylist

  • Fitness Coach

  • Yoga/Meditation Instructor

  • Nutrition Specialist

  • Interior Consultant

  • Private Teacher/Tutor (languages, music, dance, etc.)

  • Event Planner (corporate event planner, wedding planner, birthdays, etc.)

  • Travel Consultant

  • Photographer/Videographer


Advice from the Experts:

We suggest that you might try your skills as a freelancer first in order to understand the specifications of the precise business. And perhaps, such an experience will help you to determine the final solution regarding the business ideas.

Nowadays, there are plenty of platforms that provide job offers for freelance and remote work experience. There are websites specifically oriented on writing jobs (Contena, Blogging Pro, Journalism Jobs), design jobs (Dribble, Design Crowd, 99 Designs), marketing jobs (Aquent, Remotive, People Per Hour) or jobs for developers (Talent Cupboard, 10x Management, Codeable). Moreover, there are general websites which have a broad sampling of job offers. Thus, you may check Upwork, FlexJobs, Freelancer, Guru, ServiceScape and many others.

At the very beginning of your startup development, you may use some constructors or special tools to create a website for your services. For example, ThemeForest will help you to create a blog about a specific topic or place the portfolio for your illustrations and design works, via Instagram you will manage to do Social Media Management or Travel Consultancy, Facebook and YouTube are good for building a network community in order to spread the news about your particular skills in certain area, such as web development, makeup tutorials or peculiarities of project management.

Basically, as a start, you need to “wrap” your startup idea into a well-known platform/open-source system. It will help you to find your target audience, understand the market demands and behavioral aspects of consumers. Later, after you gain confidence in your startup idea and will know for sure who and why are interested in your services, then you can develop an application and promote your startup product step by step.

In order to do build a top-notch product, it’s better to contact the team of professional developers who will be able to build scalable and reliable web and mobile apps for your startup. By doing this, your product will be available to the general public and the product’s brand will be built. Additionally, the dev team will consult you regarding launching the MVP which is aiming to improve, add or eliminate certain features of the product. At the stage of MVP, the technological approach is crucial so that at further stages of architecture or scaling, there will be no need to waste time on refactoring and starting the process all over again from the scratch.

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By choosing one of the listed ideas for a startup you can develop your career path in a new perspective. Take in mind that mentioned startup ideas will not cost anything, you just need an Internet connection and your dedication to the chosen sphere in business. For your convenience, we focused on the most leading job positions in the digital environment. That is why we suggest you consider business services, sales and market services, technology development and consulting as a business idea for your startup business.

Moreover, we advise you to start constructing your startup idea using special platforms or open-source systems. It will help you to find your target audience, understand the market demands and behavioral aspects of consumers. So later, when your startup will be established with regular users, then you could contact the dev team to develop an application and promote your startup product step by step.

In case you have left any questions or you have any suggestion, feel free to contact us and we will help you in any inquiry!