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Mayple blog: "31 questions to ask a freelancer or an agency before hiring them"

Do you have in mind hiring for your future project? Then, you should definitely read the article by Omar Farkash that focuses on the main questions that should be asked freelancer or an agency before hiring them. It is stated that following questions should assess a candidate's industry-relevant experience, fee budget, their fit in building the campaign strategy and questions regarding the candidate’s professional needs. The article includes a detailed list of questions with the explanation of why it is important to ask them.

Bekey: "How founders can drive developers productivity"

The greatest challenges of web developer productivity are distracting work environments, meetings, not-development work, inadequate workload and lack of support from management. At the same time, founders can drive developers productivity by means of setting up only meaningful meetings, making non-development work aligned with programming and set a small team if there’s a sensible workload. In order to minimize distraction, you need to plan them first. The article depicts the list of rules that will help boost productivity among the team of developers.

Medium: "Google Cloud, meet StackBlitz"

The recent article Google Cloud, meet StackBlitz by Eric Simons introduces readers with how "to go from idea to production - in just one click". Without configuration, installations or hassles. With one click on StackBlitz.com your new app is created, a production build is instantly deployed live to GCP, and a new GitHub repo is initialized for you to start working in.

Forbes: "PagerDuty Hits $1.8 Billion Valuation At IPO—Here's Why It Had Doubters Early On"

Did you hear that PageDuty hits $1.8 billion validation at IPO? Alex Konrad investigated the reasons what makes the PagerDuty story unusual. Unlike those companies, which have carried considerable buzz for years, PagerDuty wasn’t expected to be in this position in the first place. Find out the details reading the article, and perhaps, your business will be the next which would be described in the newspapers.

Medium: "Why And How To Lazy Load Angular Libraries"

And the final article we want to share with you is “Lazy-loading Angular libraries” by Tomas Trajan. It is not a secret that the most convenient way to organize code is by using Angular libraries. Therefore, the core focus of the article is a taxonomy of the Angular libraries. What challenges that can be solved using sub-application libraries? What ways to implement Angular libraries in 2019? How to lazy load libraries? All the answers you will find in the article with thorough explanations and descriptions.

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