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Angular project development: our approach

It does not matter whether you are a startup or well-established business by adhering to the basic practices and rules of Angular your project management process will be scalable and thriving.


Startup: development issues

As a startup without proper tech skilled person on your side, you may face certain issues regarding tech background that will be resulted in:
  • Launching the MVP may take twice as long as planned
  • An MVP may not scale effectively
  • Adding new features to the app could easily break old ones
  • The code base may hard to maintain and iteration will be very slow
  • The time-consuming process of adopting a new developer to the project
  • Refactoring might be worthless


To solve mentioned issues along with the elimination of non-standard back-end architecture, errors and unclear data models, we suggest you follow the best practices of Angular framework. It was developed through our personal experience and knowledge to simplify your life and build a successful online product.