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Let’s Talk About How to Build a Brand

To build a brand is more than fancy fronts and clever logos. The process of branding suggests creating an emotional attachment to the product, a reliable authority, and a trustworthy partner in terms of specific products or services. It is a science that needs to be studied. “Let’s Talk About How to Build a Brand” by Felicia C. Sullivan reveals some interesting aspects of how to build a smart brand.

Uncertainty Isn't Always a Problem—It Can Be the Solution

Many areas of technology - from pacemakers to space missions - deliberately create controlled amounts of uncertainty to make devices and processes work better. Find out more in the article “Uncertainty Isn't Always a Problem—It Can Be the Solution” by Ian Stewart.

Why Blockchain is Hard

Currently, blockchain is a panacea from many contemporary challenges and issues. It may solve income inequalities, make all data secure forever, make everything much more efficient and trustless, etc. However, Jimmy Song the author of “Why Blockchain is Hard” has a different opinion. Read the article to find out more.

Learn to become a modern Frontend Developer in 2019

Web Development is an ever-changing field — the way we build websites today is completely different from how we used to do it a couple of years ago. With the plethora of tools available and the new ones popping up every day, most of the time developers find themselves confused about which way to go. Read the article “Learn to become a modern Frontend Developer in 2019” by Kamran Ahmed to find out more.

Growth vs Profit: Using the Rule of 40 to Drive Sustainable Growth

Jonathan Klar in the article “Growth vs Profit: Using the Rule of 40 to Drive Sustainable Growth” explains the difference between profit and growth in a new budget plan. The author suggests that the Rule of 40 is a good way to evaluate the plan. Take a look to find out more.

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