Nevertheless, it addresses a lot of problems for the implementations and customers by doing the websites rapid, serviceable, esthetic and SEO friendly at once.

Full of efficient functionality and features sets AngularJS and Node.js are very useful for sure. That's why the most profitable companies have taken an advantage of it. And now I'd like to tell you about the benefits and futuristics causes using the JavaScript.

In more details I will tell you about the process of implementing AngularJS and Node.js on the part of client and server in the high-speed sites. There are many websites built with Angular.js and Node.js.

Here is a list of some websites using Node.js.

1. YouTube belongs to websites using Angular.js


YouTube has become the main broadcasting and streaming video-platform by Google, which is now the most used one. Actually it's the highest traffic site in the world. Everyone can transmit himself, getting the free channel and whack up their videos all over the world. It contains AngularJS components to be more playStation 3 app is using AngularJS.

2. Yahoo was built using Node.js


Yahoo is famous by search system and provided platform such as mailing, news items etc. It makes use of the Node.js as the main technological stack for development.

Where is Node.js used up? Sr. Software engineer at Yahoo, Reid Burke said: "We employ Hosted apps and creating them mobiles apps and sites, almost everything".

Approx Traffic in November 2017: 5.43 Billion.

3. Amazon


Amazon is the first-string e-trading site in the world with 300 M+ active clients.

The main cause of using Node.js for some sites is rather futuristic. It was built a system that encourage online shopping using speech command. Node.js has an event triggered, non-blocking I/O model. It is well befitting for Alexa as then has trigger based input and it is one of the highest ecological open system source libraries. Alexa can work quietly with Node.js and AWS Lambda to manage the trigger set up by event.

Approx Traffic in November 2017 : 2.91 Billion.

4. Netflix


Netflix is a modern tendency, that catching the traditional TV world. In the 21 century it gives videos on the request of users in accordance with the demands anytime. It is the greatest media provider in the world that delivers more than 7 billions hours of media content to approximately 50 million customers every 15 minutes.

According to the statista, Netflix gained dozens of millions of followers since it was developed. After the first three months they accumulated more than 100 millions of streaming subscribers. So that, Netflix increased the number of their subscribers more than twice. Answering the question why they implemented Node.js, we will reproduce the sense of Yunong Xiao interview. He said, that they simply liked performance that Node.js offered. It could decrease and save time making some operations more faster.

5. Ebay


Ebay is a website with a huge traffic of 168 millions users which have been active in the first quarter of 2017 and still are using it. This website was built using Node.js(1.74B). The inventors decided to use Node.js to build their JavaScript backend to deal with such amount of real-time requests. According to the interview of Steven Luan, a software engineer at eBay, the e-commerce giant has always been open to new decisions of different problems and Node.js is the most effective. In the same time Java was considered as non-effective due to experiments of eBay engineers. So that they started using Node.js.

6. Reddit


If you are looking for a great source of social news, various content and a platform for discussion, Reddit meets your expectations. You can even offer content to the site after the registration such as links, texts or images. Documented traffic as of November 2017 counted 1.57 billion of users.

7. Linkedin


LinkedIn is special social network for skilled experts. It is being used as professional networking, employees and employers seeking platform.

One of the biggest reason why Node.js is popular among people is that it is highly substitutable both with client-side and server-side code. This is the reason why the amount of servers have been decreased 10 times.

8. Tumblr


It is a great micro web platform for blogging. Users are able to post various content in there that comprises both text and multimedia. Moreover, they may follow each other according to their interests.

Tumblr was made with the use of Node.js in order to make their server code more efficient.

9. Paypal


Paypal is worldwide online payment system. It was one of the first of Node.js users who took a risk to try Node.js at its launching stage.

The main reason again was a need to handle a huge load of requests saving the 100% of availability. That was because more than 1,5 billion dollars were in turnover each day.

Thanks to the Node.js Paypal achieved 35% reduction in the time of response in rush hours. This is because the pages become served 200 ms faster, remarkable that it was noticed by users.

10. Github


The GitHub service is an example of platform with an opportunity to store source code privately. This equates to clients to make their personal storage there for controlling own code in the distributed system. It requires resources in sort of building up personal thread , observing errors and code control. Using the javascript, they are covering the two sides: the client base and Node.js hosted. In November 2017 the traffic amounted nearly 507 Millions.


We discussed the examples of companies that build their apps with AngularJS and Node.js. Each and every company experience its own approach that perfectly suits to the specific kind of business. However, the benefits of each example may be taken into account while building and developing your own online product.

In case, you got left any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us and we will assist you in any inquiry!