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Overview of the Company

2muchcoffee was incepted in 2015 in Kyiv. It is a full stack software company that provides services in the web and mobile app development, branding, UI-UX design, and startup development. The services catered by the team are inclusive of Frontend development, Backend development, Hybrid mobile app development, Source code review, UI/UX design, QA Services, and Cloud-based solutions.

Furthermore, the team offers the development services to the clients from different business verticals like - e-Commerce & retail, finance & banking, enterprise software (ERP & CRM), fitness & healthcare, education & e-Learning, advertising & marketing. The season-classed engineers are constantly in the loop of cutting-edge technologies to analyze them and bring the best to the clients' products. The professional team possesses knowledge of creating unique apps and always open to learning new technologies to give the best possible solutions.

Since its inception, the company has accomplished 63+ projects and 104 logo design and has obtained 700+ Github stars. The services catered by the company assists the clients to assess, identify, and chart new digital tactics that are based on creative thinking, new business opportunities, and technical innovation. 2muchcoffee provides services by using its core technologies like Angular, React, Node.js for web app development and React Native, and Ionic for mobile app development. The company provides its high-quality and best possible solutions to startups, individual entrepreneurs, and big enterprises.

GoodFirms' Research Process

GoodFirms is an analysis and review platform that exceeds in offering a list of service providers after assessing each cataloged company based on its extensive research methodology. The research is based on the criteria – Quality, Reliability, and Ability.

Likewise, GoodFirms' research unit evaluated 2muchcoffee for its services and confirmed the business to be as the best mobile app service provider in KYIV at GoodFirms.

Custom Software for Modern Web

2muchcoffee holds sovereignty in providing excellent software solutions, which depicts them as a committed partner to clients of various industries. The expert professionals are well-versed in creating custom software that works across different platforms enabling consumers to accommodate recent technologies. The in-house team of software developers at 2muchcoffee exhibits and produces customized software based on the client’s needs. The personalized peculiarities benefit most companies whose some of the exclusive methods cannot align with the current software. The team of professional developers at 2muchcoffe focuses on different technologies like Angular, React, NGX-restangular, Ionic, Firebase, and Node.js. Thus, the services provided by 2muchcoffee will soon facilitate it to tap amongst the top software developers at GoodFirms.

Combining Native App User Experience with Hybrid Applications

At 2muchcoffee, the professional app developers merge native app user experience with the agile development cycle of hybrid applications. The developers apply front-end technologies to build a highly portable code that runs smoothly on different platforms. Moreover, the developers publish the claims in the apple app store so users can install it from the mobile devices directly.

Moreover, the developers produce Android apps and Hybrid mobile apps that minimize the development cost, give the same modern look on Android & iOS platforms, deliver hassle-free integration, runs offline too, and are scalable. Furthermore, the autogenous team of expert developers provides to the clients with Hybrid apps, developed on top of the underlying structure, which allows running them on every platform with constant updates. Thus, by providing an uninterrupted user experience without any performance issues, the app developers tap into the list of the top app developers in Kyiv at GoodFirms.

Intuitive and Understandable Designs

The professional app designers work with business people throughout the development process, to know the nature of the clients' business and to work on the minutest details asked by the clients. The designers try to recognize the target audience to create the roadmap of the design in order to give a fruitful outcome. By creating interactive prototypes, the designers at 2muchcoffee carefully work on the feedback given by the clients to use them in the designs. At 2muchcoffee, the designers for creating intuitive and creative designs work with different types of user interfaces inclusive of - Visual design, colors, graphic design, layouts, and typography. Furthermore, the designers implement various prototype tools for faster deployment like - interactive prototypes, wireframes & prototypes, information architecture, user research, and scenarios. Thus, by making the project unique and recognizable to reveal the brand image of the clients' businesses, it is believed by the GoodFirms' team that 2muchcoffee will soon thrive amongst the best web designers enlisted at GoodFirms.

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